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Quote-tastic/Review-- oo-rah! --Fight to the Finish by Jeanette Murray

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Aaaaaand I have no self control. NONE! Three quotes today. Gah I love this series from Murray. Seriously. Hot sexy Marine with a soft side. #dies

So this first one. Greg, Brad and Graham(Sweeney) are kind of team leaders on the Marine boxing team. They're gearing up for a competition against the other branches but they've got some elements working against them. I loved this pep talk of sorts. I totally know what they mean by chills.It's an amazing thing to hear.
"It won't be easy."

Greg grinned over their heads. "Aw, hell, Sweeney. If we wanted it the easy way, we'd have joined the army. Right boys?"

One from the back let out an enthusiastic, "Oo-rah!"

Brad snorted. "Pathetic. I'm sorry. I thought this was the Marine Corps boxing team."

"Oo-rah!" three or four responded.

"Son of a bitch. What a weak response. It's like we caught the air force at practice," Graham threw his head back and yelled. "Who the fuck are we?"


The collective war cry echoed off the rafters of the old, dusty gym, settling around them like a comfortable blanket. From the corner of his eye, Graham could see Marianne standing just outside her training room door, looking up at the catwalk and rubbing her arms as if she'd gotten the chills.

He knew the feeling well. Knew it well. It was pride, damn it. 
 Graham was an interesting hero. He's the one who's all in. He knows what he wants and he's not running from the softer side of things. He had me melting into a little puddle multiple times. I just love his quietly declared conviction and how open he is with what he's feeling. So these two quotes had to be included. 
"You're amazing, and resilient and resourceful and sexy as hell. And I can punch stuff. Together, we're the Dream Team."

That made her laugh, which was a gift after all the crying she'd done that evening. And all the crying she might still do yet. "Why do you have to make it difficult not to love you?"

He was quiet at that, as if thinking about the answer. Then finally, quietly, he said, "Because I love you, and sort of want the same thing in return.
 Alright and this one too because she has a son who is 10 and somewhat special needs (severe allergies) and this just. Seriously. Graham. 
"I love you." he said quietly as they both stared out the window over the kitchen sink. "Don't say anything back. Just hear the words and know I mean them. I love you. I love you both."

Fight to the Finish (First to Fight #3)

I'm just gonna lay things out here. I need me a Marine. A Marine that's a boxer. A Marine that's a boxer AND a JAG lawyer to boot. Lordy! Fight to the Finish was all kinds of hot and sexy make a girl swoon goodness. Murray knows how to deliver a knock out!

Alright the quick of it. Graham and his group of Marines are on a boxing team that's getting ready to compete in a tournament against teams from the other branches of the military. One of the ways their coaches are helping them get ready? Yoga classes. *nods* Led by one smoking hot single mama named Kara who gets Graham all twisted up in more ways than one. He's definitely looking for more than a teacher-student thing but Kara...she's got other responsibilities--namely her son--and she's got no time for romance. 

Kara is one of those heroines you can look at and just think 'damn, woman! you are amazing.' She's a single mom fighting to provide for her son and keep him safe--he has severe life threatening allergies. She's could easily be whiny and complain about how hard her life was and the struggle of it all but instead she tackles life and makes it her bitch. I loved that. Loved seeing her strength and determination to be a good mom and make something of her life. And seeing her walls come down a little and finally accept help when she needed it and letting a little love back in her life.

And Graham. If ever there were a swoonworthy and oh so lickable hero it's Graham. Holy cow. This guy. This guy! Yall. I just can't even explain and dammit I know I need to try but I just. Seriously this guy was just an incredible man. Thoughtful, sexy, dependable. He wanted Kara something fierce. He was totally smitten. But he was smitten with her son as well which totally sealed things for me. 

I know kids can be an iffy thing to include in a romance but Murray absolutely rocked it. Both with the kid himself who was a great little guy and with the inclusion of him in the romance between Graham and Kara. It was an incredible layer to their story and absolutely pulled at my heart. Seeing her handle life as a single mom (I have an only parent so Kara had a spot in my heart right away even if I thought she needed a shake now and again lol) and seeing Graham and his connection to her son. It was just. Yeah. It was swoony make a girl sigh kinda stuff. I loved seeing them all come together as a family. So. Kudos to Murray for doing such an excellent job all around. 

There's lots of action from all different fronts. The sexy action--omg, yeah, these two are hot together. The sweaty Marines working out and boxing action--again OMG. And then finally the issue of who's been vandalizing and taunting the team through the series. That was interesting. Kinda sorta had it figured out from the very beginning of the series so I wasn't terribly surprised but it was good getting the resolution and motives behind it. It all made for a pretty exciting and face paced read which was great.

All in all, Fight to the Finish was an incredible read. There were so many fantastic elements blending together for a wonderful ending to the series. I would recommend reading the series in order because of the light suspense that threads through all of them. Plus just getting to know this group from the get go. They're all most definitely worth your time. 
Kara is a single mom working hard to keep life running smoothly for herself and her son, but a custody battle is wearing her down. When her friend suggests asking a JAG officer for some unofficial advice, Kara agrees—and soon finds herself officially head over heels...

As a Judge Advocate, Graham has seen his share of nasty custody disputes—and he plans on keeping his distance from this one. But this purposeful, passionate woman has a way of drawing him ever closer to the edge. And when Kara’s ex starts to throw his weight around, Graham will have to choose between toeing the line or stepping into the ring...


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