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Interview w/ Rachel Caine + Review--Midnight Bites

Woohoo!!! We've got Rachel Caine joining us today! Yall she writes a coupleof my absolute favorite series. But today is about her YA paranormal series with vamps and all kinds of amazing drama and action. Gah it's so so good and seriously addictive. Yall give her a big welcome and hit those comments!

Morning Rachel! Welcome to herding cats! How are things going??
I'm herding cats too! (They're called deadlines.) But it's going great, thank you!
Eeps on the deadlines! Can't wait to see what they'll bring us but first...I'm so dang excited about Midnight Bites and can't wait to hear a little more about it.
I think you're going to love all of the juicy content in there ... I'd been writing tons of short stories through the years for Morganville, often on request for various collections or foreign publishers. So finally pulling it all together was surprising, considering how much there was! 
I couldn't believe when it arrive how many there were. It was so so fun to see! Alright...Twitter style: If you had 10 seconds to get someone real curious about Midnight Bites what would you tell them to get em right hooked?
MIDNIGHT BITES: where else are you going to get Myrnin in a bathtub, plus Oliver dancing, plus Monica Morrell doing a good deed, and so much more? #AllOnePlace
You had me at Myrnin. Seriously. lol Can you tell us a little behind the scenes facts about the book?
I'd honestly forgotten SO MANY of these stories! I read one and thought it was by someone else. And then I read another and wondered why I hadn't made a book out of it. I had a couple of strange, surreal moments trying to remember where the stories actually came from--because I'd put them in so many different collections or in foreign editions and had never kept a good record! 
Seeing as I can't remember last Tuesday I'm crazy impressed you were able to figure it all out. lol There are a lot of interesting characters in the series. If you had 24 hours to do...anything or go anywhere with one of them who would you pick and what would yall get up to?
Am I immortal? Because if I'm a vampire, then I'll definitely take a road trip with Myrnin, probably to New York City ... no, Vegas. He'd love Vegas. If I'm not immortal, then I'll jump in the car with Claire, Shane, Eve and Michael for a trip somewhere more local to Texas ... like El Paso. They could get in all kinds of mischief there. And there would be sombreros worn in both scenarios, I think. 
Yes, yes! Pick Myrnin! lol Now, I know my answer. But say there's a rogue Christmas Parade float and it's gonna mow down someone in Morganville...who's having it out with the runaway Santa sleigh?!
Amelie could freeze it in place with a casual glance. And if that didn't do it, she'd send in a minion to handle it. Totally the Founder of Morganville. (Bonus: she might secretly enjoy Christmas parades.) 
Ha! That was an impressive, Rachel. lol What's your absolute favorite Morganville moment?
So hard to choose, out of 15 books and a short story collection! But I suppose it might be Myrnin naming his pet spider Bob. Because Myrnin. And Bob.
More with Myrnin. You're totally making my day. And totally just because I'm curious and totally smitten with Shane...if he was going to be any type of dessert or cookie what would he be? *raises eyebrow*
Rich, gooey chocolate chips cookie. Maybe with nuts. YOUR CHOICE. 
A couple quickies!

Favorite Man Candy? Pictures are welcome!
My Man Candy is David Tennant. He also doubles really nicely for Myrnin. Pic attached for maximum yummy.
Yard gnomes or flamingos?
DEAR GOD FLAMINGOES. Unless the yard gnomes are the zombie version.
Weirdest thing in your purse right now?
Last week's convention badge. And dental wax.
Best "burning soup" moment? aka kitchen disaster.
I just set off the smoke detectors trying to make maple glazed carrots. Also, I burned the carrots. Maple glazing: not for amateurs, apparently.
I'm completely freaked out by?
What is your favorite word?
Zest. Zest, zest, zest. I have a zest for zest. 
Heh that is a fun one! Before you head out...what's up next for you?
So much! Some of which I can't tell you yet, but here's what I can. Apart from the launch of MIDNIGHT BITES on March 1, I've got Book 2 of the Great Library, PAPER AND FIRE, dropping in July. I just put out my very first self-pubbed stand-alone novella, MARION, MISSING (via Amazon Kindle Direct), and will follow that with a new self-published Weather Warden novel: RED HOT RAIN (October). 
Stay tuned for three exciting announcements coming up soon! And I'm also stopping in at a ton of different conferences and events this year, so check my calendar on my website (! 
Oh I'm so stinking excited about the Weather Warden release and Paper & Fire. Freaking love both of those series. Thanks so much for dropping in, Rachel! Happy writing!
Thank you! *herds deadlines* 

She has been writing original fiction since the age of fourteen, and professionally published since 1991. She graduated from Socorro High School in El Paso Texas (where she was a UIL all-state champion in music and journalism) and went on to earn an accounting degree from Texas Tech University. She played professionally as a musician for several years once out of college, but ultimately gave up the music for writing.

She's had a varied "day job" career, including web design, graphic arts, accounting, payroll management, insurance investigation, and (most recently) corporate communications and crisis management. (It all counts as research.)

Rachel loves reading, writing, and mild amounts of arithmetic when required ... but she has a special place in her heart for history, music, and science, and you'll find those themes in many of her works. 

Find Rachel Online!

If you love the series you NEEEEEED this one! Midnight Bites was a fabulous look into the world of the Morganville Vampires. It's a collection of 20+ stories surrounding various characters from the series. Some stories take place hundreds of years ago. Some take place in present day. They're of all varying lengths from just a few pages to nice chunks. Some character studies or little vignettes that aren't full stories but more flash shots at what happened along the way and surround a particular day or thought or event from a characters point of view. It can be pretty gritty and some of the discoveries rather heart breaking.

One of the things I loved most was that each story includes an intro as well explaining why Caine wrote the piece. If it was to get a better feel for a character or because someone wanted to know more or as part of an anthology, etc. I'm not going to review each individual piece since a good number of them are too short or just don't need a review but overall I enjoyed the collection. It was interesting getting a peek into some of the secondary and main characters, seeing some of the things from their pasts that made them...them or moments along the way that were pivotal to the series. I do think this would be best enjoyed by those that know the series.


By day, Morganville, Texas, is just a typical college town. By night, the vampires emerge and take control....

In a town where it’s not safe to be out after dark, student Claire Danvers and her friends have had their fair share of thrills. But Morganville still has a few secrets left to tell.

Now, in this collection, you can venture down the town’s strange streets, revisit all the tales you’ve come to love, and experience six new stories featuring your favorite Morganville residents—both human and vampire...

*covers link to Amazon

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