Friday, April 29, 2016

[A to Z] Lust-- Women & Xrated Things (Yeah this one is NSFW--click with care)

Every year I join in on the A to Z Blogging Challenge where your goal is to spend April blogging the alphabet with a couple thousand other bloggers.

My Theme: Lust--in all it's different forms...

Today's post is about the Lust for Women & X-Rated things. Hmm. Yes. Those will go hand in hand quite nicely. lol

I figured since I shared my favorite Man Candies I'd share my favorite Chick Candies too. So onward to the ladies!



Well. Some of my favorites...

Oh and a lust for x-rated things. I do love me some naughty.
And for this...the Tumblr page.

Do click with care. It's where all the real naughty things are posted.
NSFW or around any others either. lol

Yall feel free to share your favorite Chick Candy...

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