Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Audio Files-- {Hero at Large by Janet Evanovich} {Legacy by Jayne Ann Krentz} {Curtsies & Conspiracies by Gail Carriger}

A few quick audio hits from my walking and cleaning. I swear, yall. It's the only thing saving me while I get in my steps. lol So... A couple..eh and one fab for today :D

Hero at Large by Janet Evanovich--2 stars

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Janet Evanovich! I love her books. They're what kicked off my love of reading a handful of years back and I totally devoured them. So when I needed a re-read for the re-read feature with Sophia (Delighted Reader) I decided to do a re-read/listen of Hero at Large.

So. This actually didn't work for me on a re-listen. I was crazy surprised since when I read it years ago I really enjoyed it and thought it was pretty cheeky and cute as the hero accidentally gets injured while helping the heroine and ends up moving into her home while he recovers. I remember it being light and funny. Well. On the re-listen it was SO different! I think it had to do a lot with the narrator who had a pretty abrasive voice for women. I ended up really not liking the heroine I think in part because of that but it could also be because I've become more discerning about hero/heroine behavior over the years. The heroine was just...mean. Snippy and rude and very self centered. It was weird to have such a different reaction to her vs the previous time reading it. I did love the hero, though. He's a good guy and it was fun spending time with him. He was pretty patient too. Her daughter and auntie were nice little additions, too. So it was just the heroine on my meh list. So my re-read this time around was a bit of a bust heroine wise and really the romance too. They move at a ridiculous pace that just had me rolling my eyes at all the romance cliches happen. Ah well. On to the next!

Legacy by Jayne Ann Krentz-- 2 stars

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Another author I LOVE but the audio fell short for me. Or maybe the book would have too. Legacy is one of Krentz's older titles and it definitely shows with a hero/heroine dynamic that verges on rape/forced sex and an insane case of insta-love as some manipulations bring Con into Honor's life in his quest for vengeance over his father's long ago murder.

Okay so these two. Again I don't know if it was partly the narration but Con came off as really needing anger management classes. He pushed way too hard, threatened, didn't give the heroine choice (kind of the we're going to have sex and you need to accept that kind of thing) and really had some serious mood swings from somewhat good guy to holy shit he's nutso. The heroine. Well Honor was okay. A bit of a push around, though, which is so annoying. I really didn't feel much for her at all. When they were acting normal they were fine as a duo. But the rest of the time...yikes. Yeah they probably shouldn't be in a relationship at all. lol

The mystery was fine. It moved along at a decent pace as they tried to figure out who was stalking her and the truth about their father's deaths from years ago. Both think the other's parent was involved in something shady and thus the reason they'd ended up being killed. A couple little surprises along the way with that made it fairly interesting and not totally as I thought it would pan out.

Curtsies and Conspiracies (Finishing School #2) by Gail Carriger--4 stars

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So fun! I really am enjoying this series from Carriger and the narration is freaking spot on and highly entertaining. She does an amazing job with all of the different voices and the accents as well.

It's been a year at finishing school and it's time for student evaluations! And oh the drama they bring! It was fun seeing everyone deal with each other's rankings and watching as Sophronia try to figure out yet another bit of hinky happening among them as their floating school heads towards London for an unexplained trip. The mystery and adventure was exciting and fast paced and the characters... Oh I just love them! Sophronia is a lovely heroine and there's just a tiny little bit of romance happening in her life this time around. I totally am smitten with the boys in Sophronia's world--a sootie and a high born. They're both so cute and dang yeah if I was a teenager they'd totally give me the warm tingles.

Totally one to check out if you like steampunk historicals, vampires, floating schools and mechanimals, danger and intrigue and a sassy heroine who manages to get herself in all kinds of wacky situations... and saves herself too.

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