Tuesday, April 5, 2016

4 stars--Take Me, Cowboy (Copper Ridge: Desire) by Maisey Yates

Yeah. So sometimes a accidental blowjob happens between best friends and it's...hella awkward after. Such is the case of Chase and Anna. 15 years of friendship, a bet, lessons on how to be a girl, a fiery temper and, well, an I'm-proving-a point accidental blowjob...sure changed things up for Chase and Anna. Talk about an eye opener!

The quick of it is that Anna and Chase have been besties since...ever. And they've never crossed that line into more but Anna's brother's have bet her she can't get a date to a big gala and in her attempts to prove them wrong Chase comes to her rescue. He needs an invite to that gala so it's rather perfect. They just have to make it look like they're dating so her brothers don't think it's a fake gala date. And this...this is where things get a spot messy and deliciously complicated, too.

"Why don't you think you can get a date?"

She snorted, looking over at him, one dark brow raised. "Um." She waved a hand up and down, indicating her body. "Because of all of this." (she's in her coveralls for work and covered in oil and dirty and such)
"A little elbow grease and that cleans right off," he said. "Anyways, men are pretty simple."

She frowned. "What does that mean?"

"Exactly what it sounds like. You don't have to do much to get male attention if you want it. Give a guy what he's after..."

"Okay, that's just insulting. You're saying that I can get a guy because men just want to get laid? So it doesn't matter if I'm a wrench toting troll?"

"You are not a wrench-toting troll. You're a wrench-toting woman who could easily bludgeon me to death, and I am aware of that. Which means I need to choose my next words a little more carefully."

Those full lips thinned into a dangerous line, her green eyes glittering dangerously. "Why don't you do that, Chase."

He cleared his throat. "I'm just saying, if you want a date, you can get one."
 OMG yall. These two!

First. The heroine's name is Anna. So she's pretty bad ass right there. Plus...she's a large machinery mechanic. I mean. Fierce! She's one of the guys though so all things girlie? Totally out of her league and that's a problem when you're looking for a fancy date to a gala. Hmm.

And Chase is, well, he's a man whore and confused as all hell about his sudden reaction to his best friend. He's funny, sexy, sweet. Total crush material and oh he would make you want to pinch him if he was your best friend. lol
"You know, until earlier today I'd never even given a guy a blow job."

"You're killing me," he said, closing his eyes.

"Well, I don't want you to die. You just offered me your penis for carnal usage. I want you alive."

"So that's it? My penis has now become the star of the show. Wow, how quickly our friendship has eroded."

"Our friendship is still solid. I think it just goes to prove how solid your dick is."

"With romantic praise like that, how are you still single?"

"I have no idea. I spout sonnets effortlessly."

He leaned forward, kissing her, a strange, warm sensation washing over him. He was kissing Anna.
I just loved them both and man they were so good together! I mean. Once they got through the brutally awkward "omg my best friend's cock was just in my mouth" moments. lol I loved that they were best friends. They know so much about each other just...not in this area so there were all kinds of discoveries which was fun to watch happen--and crazy steamy too once they realized they had some actual sparks happening and she decided it was time for her to amp up her experience when it came to all things nekkid and he was gonna help her out with that. It was sweet and funny and, yeah, awkward as their relationship changed but omg it was just so good!

There's not too much other than the romantic discoveries and a few moments of dealing with issues from the past--hang ups from their families and childhoods--but it was wonderful and satisfying. Plus little glimpses of potential future heroes...total win.

All in all, Yates crafted a lovely romance that'll warm the heart and give ya some nice little tingles along the way.
She’s just one of the boys, but with a new business in Copper Ridge, Anna Brown needs to change that. Her brothers bet she can’t land a date for a fancy charity event. So Anna turns to her best friend—the hottest bachelor in town—for advice.

Rancher Chase McCormack wants in on that gala. If Anna takes him, he promises to turn her into a lady. But the makeover reveals what he’s long suspected—Anna’s irresistible! Is his best friend prepared to be taken—heart, body and soul—by her very own cowboy?

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