Thursday, June 30, 2016

Insta-Wednesday (on Friday lol)-- Socks, Wood, & Snuggle Breaks

Because I love Instagram and fun pictures. The Herd's week ala Instagram :)

A little late this week. I was...lazy. lol Some bits of random happening this week. Heh

Wednesday night at casa herding kitties. Plus a huge storm roaring outside. Ill take it!

BabyG is helping with the man candy search for tomorrows review.

Socks...are assholes. 
#WheresYourFuckingMate #ReallyNow #domesticgoddessfail

Morning snuggle break. 

So. I leave the house to go to the grocery store and find this. A random hunk of tree. Just sitting in my yard... #isthisathreat #ordoessomeonefancyme #idontunderstand #isthishownatureloversflirt #imabooklover #moreprocessingrequired #randomfinds #casaherdingkitties

My little survival pack/first aid kit arrived. And its been stuffed.
#feelinggrown #preparedforanything #anythingforacutebag #letsgo

I'm trying to be more grown lately. Trying to get prepared in case of emergencies and such. My emergency pack for the car disappeared a few years ago so figured it was time to replace it. This is first aid and then some emergency supplies in case I get trapped somewhere. Love the bag. Perfect size and sturdy material. You can buy one HERE)

#sadface this is why there's always benadryl at the house. Boo!
(I have contact reactions sometimes when materials touch my skin. This time from a cardboard box :/ )

I just love her face so much. #BabyG was having quite the dream.

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