Saturday, June 25, 2016

Word from the Herd-- Trying again after a dud...

Okay so today's Word from the Herd isn't so much a rant but just a rambling. 

I'm reading a book tonight by one of my favorite authors. I've had the book for like 3 months now and I've been avoiding it. Which is silly. I love her books. I have for years. 

But the last one I read was a massive dud for me.

Not just an eh it wasn't great read but a damn it made me rant and really pissed me off read.

And it totally knocked my confidence. 

Which, again, silly. It was one book out of like a dozen plus.

But it made me so nervous starting this book tonight because...what if?

What if that last one wasn't a fluke?

And am I still kinda ticked over the last book? (yeah, I am. lol)

Can I get past that? Am I gonna totally nitpick things?

Oh god! What if I don't love her books anymore?!

I'm totally like this. lol

I've had to bail on a couple authors over the years who changed styles or such and man it's always one of those little background thoughts when a favorite doesn't work for me. I hate losing a favorite author.

And same goes for a new to me author that's a dud. Even if others love the author and they look good I'm totally like nope. Nope I don't think I can do it again!

I don't know. How do yall handle a dud? Like a hardcore dud. Not just a meh but a GRRRR.
Do you try them again?
Does it get you nervous? Or do you tend to push others of theirs down the tbr pile?
Are you just totally done with an author after one like that?
Does it matter if it's a usual favorite vs a new-to-you?

So far the read is going okay. Not a favorite but so far not a huge dud either. *relief*

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