Friday, September 30, 2016

Blog Ahead Tally

Aaaaand Blog Ahead is a GO! Tomorrow--Oct 1-- starts our annual Blog Ahead Challenge. For the entire month of October I'll be busting butt working on extra blog posts so I can get ahead with the blog and hopefully have a little less stress. 2016 has been brutal and my reserves are near tapped from emergencies and home renovations and whatnot. I'm pretty excited about the challenge and hopefully getting the blog fully stocked again.

This will be my tally post for the event.

I'm starting with 19 posts scheduled.
The event goal is 30 posts more than that. Whew!

I'll seriously be happy if I manage that. I'm usually in the 60-80 range for scheduled posts if you want an idea of how 2016 has gone. lol

Posts Completed

10/1--5 November New Releases Posts
10/1--4 December New Releases Posts
10/1--Tag, Nov
10/1--Tag, Dec
10/1--Tag, Jan
10/1-- Tag, Feb
10/1-- Accidentally on Purpose by Jill Shalvis
10/2-- True Blue Cowboy Christmas by Nicole Helm
10/2-- Michelle Major guest post
10/2-- A to Z Challenge announcement
10/2--A to Z Challenge--C
10/3-- One Snowy Night by Jill Shalvis
10/3--A to Z Challenge--M
10/3-- Authors for the Holidays announcement
10/3-- A to Z challenge-- F
10/3-- A to Z Challenge--B
10/4-- A to Z Challenge-- D
10/4-- A to Z Challenge-- W
10/5-- Top 20ish reads of 2016
10/5--AFTH Nicole Helm
10/5-- AFTH Gail Carriger
10/6-- AFTH Anna Harrington
10/6-- AFTH Anna Bradley
10/6--AFTH Chanel Cleeton
10/6--AFTH Sara Humphreys
10/6--AFTH M Okeefe
10/6-- AFTH DD Ayres
10/6-- AFTH Nancy Herkness
10/7-- Merry Christmas
10/7 A to Z Challenge O
10/7-- Roasted Brussels Sprouts w/ Balsamic Glaze
10/10-- A to Z Challenge--H
10/10-- AFTH Mandy Baxter
10/12--A to Z challenge--U
10/12-- A to Z Challenge-- A
10/12-- A to Z Challenge-- G
10/13--AFTH Vivienne Lorret
10/15-- A to Z Challenge--T
10/18-- Randomly Random--Arm Hair
10/19-- A to Z Challenge-- P
10/20-- The Princess & the Peer by Tracy Anne Warren
10/21-- Hard Hitter by Sarina Bowen
10/21-- WoW/TTT--Nov1
10/21-- WOW/TTT--Nov8
10/21-- WOW/TTT--Nov15
10/22-- AFTH Rachel Lacey
10/22-- WOW/TTT--Nov22
10/23-- WOW/TTT-- Nov29
10/31-- A to Z Challenge-- S
10/31-- A to Z Challenge-- Q
10/31-- A to Z Challenge-- E

Oct Posts-- Pumpkin Cakes, My Brown-Eyed Earl, InstaWed. Texas Tall, Dangerously Charming, Crafting with Kitties, Celia Breslin, 14 Nights, Deadly Silence, Fall into Romance x2, A Study in Scarlet Women, In My Cart--HelloFresh, Tasty Delights--Sunchoke/Quinoa Salad, Heated Pursuit, instaWed, Guest Post w/ Liv Rancourt, Life Reboot x2, W is for Wasted, When a Marquess Loves a Woman,

If you'd like to join in the sign up link is below. Everyone is welcome! If you've already joined drop your sign up post link in the comments! Would love to come by and cheer ya on.


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