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Quote-tastic/Review-- priceless -- The Claiming by Tara Sue Me

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Yall this one was so fun! It's a quick read and I totally devoured it. Okay so this is a contemporary erotic but...they're having a house party just like in historicals and gah I love that. Just...kinkified since they're into BDSM. I mean. So fun. And crazy hot. Anyways. She's playing "servant girl" during the get together complete with sexy outfit. Loved her response...
Already she could see Cole's eyes grow dark with lust and wanting when he looked at her in the uniform. Even though it was only for role play. Of course, he probably also liked the fact that she didn't have anything on underneath her short skirt.

"When you least expect it, I'm going to push you up against a wall, lift your skirt, and fuck you good and hard," he'd told her when he set out the uniform.

"Yes, Sir. Please and thank you and can you do it now?" she'd asked, but he just laughed, gave her backside a swat, and told her to be patient.
 And then there was a lot of sweet. He'd just given her a special gift...
"I want you to have it. I want you to wear it."

"But, Sir. It's priceless."

"As are you."
And I loved this thought. It was from a friend of theirs who'd joined the party. 
"I thank you for not being perfect, because he's certainly not. But together, you two are pretty damn close."

The Claiming (Submissive #8.5)

I've been a fan of Tara Sue Me for a while now and was curious to see how she would handle a novella and damn. Just damn. Absolutely beautiful. The Claiming was funny, sexy, and completely enchanting. I loved every second of it and couldn't stop smiling as I flipped the last page.

The quick of it is that Cole and Sasha have been together for a little while now but sometimes insecurities pop up and Cole's decided he needs to show Sasha once and for all how very much she means to him. And he goes about it in an elaborate way.... a house party at his childhood home in the UK complete with one amazing surprise and a number of their closest friends.

This was really so much fun. I love house parties in historicals so one set in present day? And kinkified? Omg...yes, please! It was a blast spending time with not only Cole and Sasha (who I adore) but two of the other series couples as they flirt and play--think kinkified croquet? pervy mystery role playing? Super sexy and totally sweet. I loved watching Cole and Sasha's bond grow even stronger and, yeah, I totally teared up once the surprise he planned was revealed at the party. Swoonage, yall. Swoonage. It was insanely hot, too. These two are into BDSM with a leaning towards Master/slave dynamic but there's nothing too extreme for those who aren't into serious BDSM.

All in all, I just had a wonderful time with The Claiming. It's everything I expect from Tara Sue Me...a beautiful story of romance, passion, and acceptance. I would suggest reading the rest of the series before this one since Sasha and Cole's main story has already been told and knowing what they've gone through will make this all the sweeter.

*My only issue is the cost. I do think it's rather pricey (3.99) for a short read (12 chapters) that ends at the 80% ebook mark.

Sasha Blake never thought her emotional wounds would heal—that they were a part of her just like her physical scars. But that was before Cole Johnson’s boundless love and overwhelmingly sexy control set her free, unleashing a confident side that she never knew she had. He’s more than just her Master; he’s her world. And she’ll do anything he asks...

Cole’s days of restless wandering are done—he’s found everything he needs in Sasha. Now, it’s time to make it official. When his childhood home in England goes up for sale, he realizes the old estate is the perfect place to claim Sasha as his own, and the ideal opportunity to show her just how much she means to him.

As Sasha, Cole, and their closest friends from their Partners in Play community descend on the British countryside for a titillating adult vacation, the submissives and Dominants alike will test their boundaries—and have an adventure none of them will ever forget...

*covers link to Amazon

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