Sunday, October 30, 2016

Life Reboot-- Week 2

Life Reboot. Taking control of my life one day at a time, getting out of those ruts...and having a blast doing it, too!

Each week I'll share how I did and what I plan for the coming week. If you want to join in...please do! Either in a blog post or just share what you're doing in the comment section!

I'm still having a really good time with this. This week was a little less productive but it was also a busy week and I had an overnight USO shift and was just tired. But lots of cool stuff and looking forward to next week!

This Past Week!

➜ Try something new. Big or small.

  • Dragon Fruit! I saw a pretty...and couldn't resist. What a neat looking fruit! The color is just amazing. I was surprised how soft it was. It really was like a combo of kiwi fruit and a pear. Not too much flavor on it's own but would be nice in a fruit salad I think.

  • Planner-Crafting. Okay so this is maybe not exclusive to this week but still! I'm huge on using my planner but it's always been plain inside. A friend was talking Erin Condren planners and those always seemed to fussy and she was like...but you can do it however you want. And I had a duh moment. I don't know why I didn't think about doing it my way. So I have been! And it's been a lot of fun! I'm decorating my monthly pages and weekly pages and found my love for washi tape. Even joined a FB group for planner addicts. It's been a good time. My ACMoore might be haunted and all those things just jumped right into my cart! (good thing most were on clearance and I had a coupon! lol)

➜ Explore Cary--get to know my town

  • Zombiepalooza!!! Yes! Our town had it's first Zombiepalooza this year. They shut downtown down and right outside the theatre they put up a huge outdoor screen and showed funny zombie movies that were locally made. There was face painting and dancing zombie performances. It was a lot of fun and pretty silly. They even covered the street lights with zombie hands coming out of the ground.

    One really neat thing was just a little further down the road there was a drum circle! I loved it. They had a bunch of drummers of all ages playing and a lady came out and twirled a fire hula hoop. It was part of the Cary Art Loop and they get together once a week to play. I'm seriously considering checking it out. I haven't played drums in 15 years and realized I so miss it!
➜ Get my step goal 5 of 7 days
I decided to half my steps and build up again. I cut down to 3,000 steps per day and managed to hit that every day. Might not seem a big deal but I work from home on the computer and most of my free time activities are sit down things too-- crafting, reading, computering. So I have to really force steps or they don't happen :/ 
➜ Blog Ahead (last week!)
I'm really happy with how I did. I have my author posts for our Dec event done, a ton of reviews for Nov, Dec and even Jan done, have almost finished all 26 of my April A to Z challenge posts. For the first time in 2016 I'm feeling good about the blog and not so panicky. And still a day left. I'm up 50 posts I think. I'm right around 70 scheduled posts. Now to get back on track with visiting blogger friends! Whew!
➜ Finally finish my bedroom floor.
Woo! I had to backtrack this week to fix some boards I'd already done but it happened and looks so much better. Yay! I've not totally finished but it's getting there. A couple more days.
➜ Read a really good book
And it was a filthy, dirty time. Yes! I read Elle Kennedy's Ruled. Two heroes. Two cocks. One pierced. Lord. That's my catnip. (Amazon)
➜ Get rid of 5 things a day (GRO)
So. Magazines. This week I pulled a stack off my bedroom shelf and was like holy shit. These have been sitting on my shelf taking up valuable space since...2009. Two Thousand Nine, people! lol I flipped through and pulled recipes out and then recycled. 

And Plans for This Coming Week!

➜ Try One New Thing 
➜ Explore Cary
➜ Finish my floor
➜ Get the new herd babe, Addi, checked out. 
➜ Finish my front step planters
➜ Get Rid of 5 things a day (GRO)

So, how'd yall do with your Life Reboot this past week?
 What are YOUR plans this coming week?

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