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Quote-tastic/Review-- growl! --Ruled by Elle Kennedy

Elle Kennedy. Woohoo! Yall this series is just good filthy pervy fun.

So jumping right in...This is a menage and it's seriously hot. These three have some tension between them and have been torturing each other a bit. Hot and then Rylan at the end just had me busting out laughing. He's kinda randy and cheeky and has been desperate for Reese for over a year...

Her pulse sped up when Rylan grabbed Sloan around the neck and kissed him. Sloan's hand tightened in her hair as he returned the kiss.

Fuck, that was the hottest thing she'd ever seen. Or maybe it wasn't-- the memory of Sloan's cock in Rylan's mouth was even hotter. She was so turned on she felt like she might self-combust. And if she couldn't touch herself, then she was going to torture these two men. She took one shaft in each hand and stroked faster.

When Sloan backed away, Reese voiced her disapproval. "No. Come back."

"Too close to coming," he grunted. his chest heaved as if he'd run all the way out to the farm and back at top speeds, his lips glossy from his kiss with Rylan.

Rylan wasn't in much better shape. He licked his lips and gave her a hungry look. "My dick needs to be in someone right now," he growled.

Okay so Tamara is a minor character so far but I NEED her book! She'd been gone the whole story so far and then comes in and drops a big info bomb on everyone.  

*drops big info bomb*

Everyone stared at Tamara.

"What? Did you think I was just working on my tan?"

Rylan snickered.

Connor sighed.

"I get shit done," Tamara said, tossing her thick shiny mane over one slender shoulder.

Ruled (Outlaws #3)

Sweet. Mary. Everything that is hot and tingly is in this book. Fire, passion, a fierce heroine and her alpha males. Yes. Males. Double cocked fun! Gimmie! Add in a pierced cock and I just... yes. Hot and tingly. Whew, boy! Ruled is a scorcher!

The real quick gist is that the government has taken over and our band of warriors have escaped their grasp and are fighting to remain free and to take down the evil government entity. Life is harsh, pleasures rare. Sex though? That's definitely on the table. And indulged in whenever there's a spot of down time. Except for Rylan and Sloan. Who are both rocking a serious case of lust for their group leader Reese who won't give either of them the time of day. She's got revenge to enact, governments to topple, people to save. Two hot lustable guys are not getting in her way. Quite yet. Crazy, foolish lady. lol

I really loved Sloan, Rylan, and Reese. They were a great trio that just sizzled whenever they were near each other.

  • Sloan-- Strong, silent, stoic. Sloan is the guy you want watching your back. He's loyal, fierce, will do what needs doing. And he denies himself so much! I loved seeing him finally finally get what he desired so very badly. Namely...Reese.
  • Rylan-- OMG I WANT TO LICK HIM!!!!! I just. Yep. I sure do. He's cheeky and charming and always up for something naughty and wicked. But he's also got layers and gah watching them all get ripped away was something. Plus.... pierced cock! Y'all know how I love me some decorated peen.
  • Reese-- She's a hard heroine. A warrior. A fighter. Total badass. Can come across a little cold and stubborn. But everything she is is put into protecting her people. Not an easy job but one she takes on. I did like seeing her evolve over the book and, not loosen up, but show some vulnerability

Seriously. Again with the heat. If it could be done...they were doing it. Woohoo! Things start off a MFM menage but then evolve and turn into a true menage with the guys having some action together as well. Part of what made it so amazing was the tension. These three have been panting after each other for years but kept their desires tamped down HARD. Seeing everything finally combust ...holy fucking hot. You could feel the heat flicking across your skin. Noms!

There's a lot of non-sexy action happening as well. Things have finally come to a boil and there's danger lurking around every corner. Lives in danger. Their way of life at risk. Leaps of faith taken. It. Was. So. Good. Minus one TSTL heroine moment. lol

All in all, If you haven't tried out Kennedy yet you need to stop everything and go grab one of her books. Doesn't matter the series. Or the genre. She'll rock it hard and leave you begging for the next book. Ruled? Sinfully sexy with a side of pulse pounding action. Total badassery.

Despite his magnetic personality, Rylan can’t seem to seduce Reese, the deadly leader of their town of outlaws. Winning her over is a welcome challenge, but her indifference isn’t the only thing standing in his way. If he wants Reese, Rylan must also win over Sloan, her stoic protector...

Sloan has always loved Reese, but their painful past has stolen his chances of a future with her. Rylan’s interest in Reese only intensifies the tension—until Sloan begins to wonder if the reckless man might be the one person who can bridge the distance...

The last time Reese fell for the wrong man, she had no choice but to kill him. Now, she desperately wants to take what both Rylan and Sloan are offering. But if she makes the wrong call again, she risks losing them both.

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