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AFTH w/ Sara Humphreys-- A Chat with Ronan (he'll so make you Awwwww!)

I've had such a thing for Sara's covers over the years. Serious #covergasms, yall. But it wasn't until just a few months ago that I read one and whew! It was a blast. That whole friends to lovers thing, yummy sexual tension and some nice suspense, freaking LICKABLE hero, fiery heroine and a cute pup. I mean. It was reader-girl heaven.

And now I have a huge backlist I just must read. Such a horrible, terrible problem! *flails in horror* lol Sara's hunky hero, Ronan, is taking over today and I hope yall will give him some comment love! ~anna

Mornin' Ronan! Welcome to herding cats! How are things going? Did yall have a great Christmas?
We did, thanks! Maddy and I spent it with the whole McGuire clan here in Old Brookfield. Bowser was with us, of course. It was great to spend it in our new home and Santa even left a few things for Bowser.  
So! Tell us a couple "behind the man" tidbits about yourself, Ronan!
I’m not all that complicated, really but Maddy would probably disagree with that.  My brothers too. Aw, hell. I don’t know. I love my woman, my family and my dog. Work too. Until Maddy came back into my life, work was about all I had. I still love my job but let’s just say I look forward to my time off way more now that I’ve got Maddy to share it with.
Just curious but... Santa's Naughty List? Which side did you land on? And why? *raises eye brow*
I don’t kiss and tell. Maddy would kill me.
Now, the really important question. Your K-9 buddy, Bowser. What did he get for Christmas? 
A new bed but the big hairy beast still sleeps on the foot of our bed. He also got a new bowl with his name on it. Maddy makes him special food all the time. The damn dog is as spoiled as I am.
What are you most proud of?
Being a McGuire. My family is my pride and joy, which includes Maddy and Bowser.  
Eggnog or Fruit cake?
Eggnog if it’s got some rum in it. My grandmother used to make Fruit Cake every year but I don’t think anyone ever ate it. 
Best Thing of 2016?
Convincing Maddy to let me out of the friend zone. Hell, convincing her was half the fun.
What are you most excited about in the New Year?
Opening our new place in Old Brookfield. We bought the local B&B and are in the process of renovating it. We’ll be open for business again in a few weeks.
Thanks for stopping by today, Ronan! Hope you and Maddy have a wonderful 2017!
You too! If you’re ever in Old Brookfield and need place to stay, look us up.
Big city K-9 cop Ronan McGuire loves women, loves his dog, loves his job - but when old flame Maddy Morgan moves into his jurisdiction, he can’t think about anyone else. Ronan knows she’s way out of his league, but he’s determined to help Maddy live life to the fullest.

Maddy has immersed herself in work and swiftly made a name for herself in the hot New York City real estate market. She’s looking for safety, not love, but Ronan McGuire is as persistent as he is sexy, and his crooked smile is hard to resist. But all other concerns are wiped away when Maddy goes missing and Ronan and his bloodhound K-9 partner are tasked with finding her and bringing her home.

Sara Humphreys is the award winning author of the Amoveo Legend series. The third book in the series, UNTAMED, won two PRISM awards–Dark Paranormal and Best of the Best. The first two novels from her Dead in the City series have been nominated for the National Readers Choice Award. Sara was also a professional actress. Some of her television credits include, A&E Biography, Guiding Light, Another World, As the World Turns and Rescue Me.
She loves writing hot heroes and heroines with moxie but above all, Sara adores a satisfying happily-ever-after. She lives in New York with Mr. H., their four amazing sons, and two adorable pups. When she’s not writing or hanging out with the men in her life, she can be found working out with Shaun T in her living room or chatting with readers on Facebook.

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