Friday, January 27, 2017

In My Cart-- I've gone One-Click Happy *hangs head*

I've been on a one-click tear over on Amazon lately. *hangs head*
It's been bad, yall. Real bad. But so many pretties!
Thought I'd share some of the things I've just had to have. lol
And Lord help me. I had to break it up into multiple posts. Ha!
I'm working on my hand-lettering and was excited to try these out. Sharpies with a brush tip. They're pretty nice for 11 bucks. A nice variety of colors and they're easy to use though lordy they're strong like regular sharpies and damn near give you a contact high. lol 


YAS! I'm working on meal planning and was like OMG these are so cute.
And then...
*flails in exasperation*
It starts on Sunday.
Why?! Why would you do this?!!
And the breakfast and lunch sections only have 6 lines.
What am I supposed to do?!
I like to eat!
I need lines for ALL 7 days!
But I actually like the pad. It's nice sized and made meal planning a lot easier than when I was working on plain paper. On the back side it's blank so I've sectioned off boxes for each day of the week to track food eaten and also put a column for grocery shopping so I can mark down what I need for each meal. even with the exasperated flail.


So this was a weird purchase but yall I wear glasses and I was so fucking sick of spending 10 minutes (or more) each morning searching for my glasses because either I'd tossed them or the herd had tossed them during the night.

So in came this couch caddy.
Yes, it's meant for the couch.

But I used clips and attached it over my headboard on my bed.

And it was a fucking game changer!
My remote for the tv, lights (they're on a switch), glasses, and kindle all fit in it.
Life is good.
Total impulse.
I've not used it yet but hoping it works great.
My drawer/cabinet space is limited and the regular strainers don't fit in them.
This is lower profile and without the handle takes up less space that way, too.

It doesn't have as many photos as I'd like but the ones there are beautiful.
The recipes have a great variety.

They also have dessert of the day, soup of the day, healthy meal of the day, etc. I think there are 7 or so of the cookbooks. Well worth the print price.


I love these! I'm getting into bookstagraming and needed some small lights to add some sparkle. And small lights they are. They fit in my palm. But they are bright! And have a lot of great variations from steady to blinking to rotating style plus a dimmer if they're too light. I love them!

I'm not wasting time when I could be reading. lol Enter the Soundbot. I've been using it to listen to audiobooks while I shower.
It's cute. Fits in my palm, it's loud, somewhat easy to figure out.
The buttons give me trouble now and again but not terribly so.
It was a pain to get to stick but once it did it's been fine and not fallen off. It has one large suction cup on the back. I put it in the corner of the shower which amplified the volume. Overall...worth it.

I am SO tired of cleaning my microwave!
It's not the right size to be able to just put a paper towel over the plate so there's always splatter. Until now.
Best. Purchase!
It fits my large dinner plates perfectly. 
It's a bit short for bowls but rests on them and does fine.
No splatter at all after two weeks of use.
I'm so happy. lol
Penis mold.
Because sometimes you need one.
I've been getting into planning and stickers and decided I needed a Silhouette Portrait. It's a cutting machine.
And amazing.
A little bit of a pain now and again but I love it!
I've been designing and cutting all of my own stickers and it does a great job.
In the end it'll save me a lot of money even though it's got a fairly high cost of $120. (sale price)

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