Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Insta-Wednesday: Food, skies, kitties and books. #LifeIsGood

Because I love Instagram and fun pictures. The Herd's week ala Instagram :)

When your Valentine is the cutest Valentine. #BabyG

Working on some stickers for Valentine's Day. #planner #planneraddict #plannercommunity #stickers #silhouette

Some of my faves. I love the romances -gah they're all so swoony--but the friendships in them are just the best. Even if they start out a bit rocky sometimes. I'm always like omg I want to be part of their group. Would be so fun!

Waiting for the signing to start...
#books #authorsigning #ilonaandrews

Seriously people. Seriously. Ilona Andrews and Eloisa James. #dies #bookblogger #swoon

The squeals of excitement. Unreal. lol This is one of the best PNR/UF series out there. Briggs is an incredible storyteller. 

I just wanna snuggle her so hard.

Pulling out an older set today. This was such a unique series with incredibly unique romances. The heroine in Raine (amazing book) is a hermaphrodite. These are def erotic. Heroes are satyrs and all rock double cocks now and again. I mean. Seriously. Series love.

My February tbr pile. Though many were read pre-Feb. lol But this is what's happening on the blog this month.

Moms make the best pillows. BabyG and Velma decided they needed mamma baby time.
#snuggle #itsacatslife #catmom #herdingcats #cats

This was one of my best reading surprises. A bit outside my norm since it's historical fiction and not historical romance but wow did these books blow me away. Two 5 stars and a 4.5 star. Seriously. I was fascinated by the setting of a Worlds Fair and just was swept away by Gist's writing.

Sock Sunday a smidge late again. Ha! And one of my favorite ever series, heroes, heroines, friendships. Everything about them is so so good. Roarke and Eve? Total #relationshipgoals I'd like one Roarke. Please and thanks. 

Heh favorite 'girls only' reads. Loved the start of this series from Thomas and that Sherlock and Watson were ladies. 

And one of my favorite mystery series from Grafton. It's set in the 80s but being written currently. Crazy seeing no cell phones, etc. 

#SingleLadies #CockFreeZone

Amazon (Thomas) (Grafton

A little morning beauty. I went up to our lake earlier this week for a morning walk.
#morning #skies #nofilter #northcarolina #carolinaskies

Too early. Too early. Back to bed. 
#MarcieCat #itssaturday #weneedmoresleep

I told her she couldn't sit on me. 
So. Yeah. Here we are. 
#livingwithcats #BabyG

Diving in to book two. Gorgeous covers, lovely romances. Can't wait. Anyone read Anna Bennett/Anne Barton before? Shes a favorite with the herd.
#coverlove #beautifuldresses

Roasted chickpea tacos for breakfast. With homemade quacamole and crema. Gotta tell y'all. They were pretty fucking amazing. #foodadventure #goodeats #foodporn #amcooking #breakfast #tacotuesday

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