Saturday, April 1, 2017

A to Z Challenge-- ARCs

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Woohoo! ARCs!! A couple years back I had no idea what these were. Now? They're a huge part of my life. In two ways.

First...BOOKS! Yes!

And planner. Double yes!

Okay, so first, books.

These days probably 95% of what I read is some version of an ARC which is kinda crazy. For yall who aren't book bloggers these are advanced reader/review copies that come 1-6 months before they hit the stores. And they've typically come like this...

Yall know me. I'm a total coverwhore. And until just recently near all of my ARCs came coverless. Yes. There's an abundance of pastel blues, pinks, yellows, greens and a couple purple and tans in my life.

But nary a cover anywhere! *flails* yall *flails*

Even in the ebooks!

I was pretty dang excited when ARCs started arriving like this a few months back. Seriously giddy over it. There was squealing and even messaging to another blogger because omg did you see we get covers, kinda, now?!!

I do get some finished copy ARCs which is fun. They basically just come early but are exactly what you'd buy in the book store. The coverless ones usually have an edit to go so there are some blips but not too bad. But I still pet my coverless arcs because they're amazing <3

And then there's my ARC planner.

Yall I love this thing. It's a customizable disc planner from Staples. With the herd they're really bad about sliding over my planners and ripping pages out while I'm working. This fixes that! The pages come out easily and then...slip right back onto the ring binder. It is amazing.

Plus you can add and take away things really easily-- so I've added note pages to my weekly/monthly planner, plus event planning pages. You can get a whole punch to go with it and add your own designs as well like monthly or yearly goals. Or even draw out your weekly spreads which is what I do most of the time now days. I love the dang thing. You can also change out the covers if you're bored, too, for like a buck or two.


The flowered planner is the same as the white/black one up above. I just switched out the covers. I got three designs for 1.99. Not bad!

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