Saturday, May 27, 2017

June Instagram Challenge #SassyReader

If you're on Instagram or ready to try it out! I'm hosting a challenge in June. It's a little sassy and a great way to get into daily posting and sharing your favorite reads. Plus meeting new friends on there.

It's pretty flexible. You can do every day. You can skip some days. You can even post them out of order. I don't mind. lol (goodness knows I usually do).

Interpret the prompts as liberally as you'd like. I tried to make most of them so they had some give and could go various ways.

So, for example, Light My Fire. Could be a book with flames on the cover, with dragons, fire starters, could be a book and candle photo, one book that just lights you up, etc.
If you'd like to join please do! 
Just add the #SassyReader tag to your posts on Instagram. 
Feel free to friend me over there, too!
Oh and while you're here.
There are two other JUNE EVENTS!

June 4-18
Meet some new blogger friends!
Info & Sign Up: HERE

June 15-30
The 2nd Mini Blog Ahead of the year.
Sign Up & Info: HERE

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