Sunday, June 18, 2017

Get Social Wrap Up! + Questionnaire

Whew! So two weeks went by really really fast! I hope everyone had a great time and met some new bloggers to hang out with.

I thought I'd do a wrap up post with a couple thoughts and such :)

  • The Link Up! Oy. Yall. Blunder. I used a new service and didn't realize they don't collect participant emails. Ahhh! I tried to send out reminders to everyone via SOME sort of platform. Next time I'll use a different company for sure. 
  • I met some great blogs! I knew about half the blogs joining in so quite a few were new to me. That was seriously awesome. So many creative and fun blogs, too!
  • Even if some of the blogs weren't quite the right fit for me I still had fun checking them out and seeing what all was out there. It's amazing how much variety there is in the blogging world. 💖
  • I did have a hard time while visiting some blogs. Some of the commenting systems were really difficult. I did visit everyone I think but sometimes the commenting system made it hard to tell if the comment actually took (usually WP blogs). 
  • One thing that made me a little sad was that a handful of blogs never bothered to stop by here. Or only commented on the event post which was disappointing since the point was to get to know each others blogs and that...really doesn't do that. So a small bummer. 

Overall, though, I think the event went great and I had a lot of fun despite a couple hiccups. I'm hoping to host another one in November.

Fill Out the Event Questionnaire!

Just fill out this form and be sure to check blogging challenges
(of course you can sign up for other notification options, too). 

Did you join in on Get Social?
How did it go?

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