Friday, June 9, 2017

3.5 stars-- The Return (Sunnybell #2) by Erin Knightley


Yall know I'm a tart when it comes to cowboys.

Add in that this is by Erin Knightley (one of my local ladies) and I was in! I'd been in a bit of a reading slump and The Return hit the spot.

Basically Mack was in a really bad rodeo accident and has ended up back home injured and broke and desperately needing his ex's help. Something she's not all that inclined to offer since he really fucked up right good when they were teens-- I was NOT pleased with him, yall. I mean. He had the cowboy thing working for him still but homeboy was in the dog house. Mmhm.

Anywho. A bargain is made--she'll help him out with his problem-- losing his sponsor who happens to be her uncle-- if he'll help her get some connections in the rodeo world she's wanting to break into.

I had fun with Mac and Ashley. They have a nice spark between them even if it's full of snark and growls a lot of the time. Yeah, there was some serious hurt feelings to get past for these two. And having to work so closely together to get her ready for a rodeo competition and then traveling to it...whew some petty and childish could slip out now and again from both of them. Which was in turns really funny and quite annoying. lol

But I still liked them together and seeing them wear each other down and start up something new.  It was a quickie and got me back reading so I really can't complain. And, Mack won me over in the end with some really sweet gestures that had me forgiving his stupid teenage self. *nods*

With beating hearts and bated breath...

Ashley Montoya was in love with Mack McLeroy in high school--until he broke her heart. When an accident brings him back home to Sunnybell to recover, Ashley's determined to avoid him, but Mack can't stay away. And the more she's with him, the more she can't help but to fall into his embrace...

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