Friday, July 14, 2017

3.5 stars-- From Duke Till Dawn (The London Underground #1) by Eva Leigh

So dang pretty! And a fun read, too. From Duke Till Dawn was...intriguing.

The Gist:  A couple years back Cassandra, well, she swindled our dear proper Duke then dashed away in the middle of the night with him none the wiser. He's never forgotten the sexy widow and when he stumbles on her in a random gaming hell he's thinking luck is on his side again! Until he realizes he'd been a mark all those years ago. Talk about an ego blow! Damn if he doesn't want in her swindling naughty girl historical panties, though. And she might just want that, too!

These two were night and day. Cassandra was all about the con and really rather brazen and Alex was all about honor, doing what was right and keeping his name pristine. So seeing them deal with each other was pretty dang fun.

"I could eat the cushions off a mail coach," she said.

"Anything you want, you can have it. Pheasant pie. Roast trout. Toast and sausage."

"I'm quite sated with your sausage." She gave his thigh a squeeze. "A fine banger."
There was a bit of excitement as the two teamed up to track down her swindler and get her out of danger with London's criminal underground. Woo some of it made me so mad! They made a pretty good team, though, and had some yummy chemistry. Even when angry. Maybe especially then. Noms! The two were fiery for sure.

I'm so not a fan of the swindler trope especially when it's used against a future mate so I was really nervous about this one. I was torn just like Alex in dealing with Cassandra. Anger, sympathy, intrigue. She'd done so many wrongs but her life had also been full of desperation and hurts that made it understandable in some ways. It did help that she ended up a mark by another swindler and really felt what she'd done to him. I appreciated that and seeing her fight her way out of a jam.

Overall. From Duke Till Dawn was a fun little adventure. I'm glad I checked it out and am curious to see what will happen next with the series.
Years ago, the Duke of Greyland gave his heart—and a princely sum of money—to a charming, destitute widow with unparalleled beauty. After one passionate night, she slipped from his bed and vanished without a trace. And just when he’s given up hope of ever seeing her again, Greyland finds her managing a gaming hell. He’s desperate to have her… until he discovers everything about his long-lost lover was a lie.

In truth, Cassandra Blake grew up on the streets, picking pockets to survive. Greyland was a mark—to be fleeced and forgotten—but her feelings for the duke became all too real. Once he learns of her deception, however, the heat in his eyes turns to ice. When her business partner absconds with the gaming hell proceeds—leaving unsavory investors out for blood—Cassandra must beg the man she betrayed for help.

Greyland wants compensation, too, and he’ll assist her under one condition: she doesn’t leave his sight until her debts are paid. But it’s not long before the real Cassandra—the smart, streetwise criminal—is stealing his heart all over again.

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