Wednesday, August 9, 2017

InstaWednesday-- All the things! And why I've been missing...

Because I love Instagram and sharing what we've been up to the last couple weeks...

Okay! An update first. This has been a long week. Busy with regular stuff but I'm also getting ready for my first vacation in over a year and with the herd that takes a LOT of time. The Support the Troops Auction is fast approaching. And, I've been having an eye issue. Gah! More on that in the pics! But it's all basically meant a lot less of online time this week and falling way behind on visits. I miss everyone and will try to get around soon :)

I'm having to touch nature. And yall. I'm not okay with this. lol
Making some progress in the overgrown beds, though. Dang that ivy, too! Getting about 10 minutes a day in this heat to work on it but it's improving slowly.

I cant remember if I shared this one or not. But G likes to snuggle when I read. She goes under the covers and then we read. But it was hot so no blanket. Soooo. She tried to fit herself in my pajama pocket. lol

Won a gift card yesterday! Our town has been hiding these to celebrate National Parks and Rec Month. They give a clue where it's hidden and you have to find it in one of the parks or cultural spots.

It was a cute Trailhead and tucked pretty far out and still there at the 2 hour mark. $25 to use as a town event, classes or at the downtown theatre or arts center. Pretty cool!

Thursdays attempt at Mondaying. #LifeWithAHerd
The herd baby mice are fine. They're in the huge tank on the right. This was just their supply tank. BabyG was not at fault. Zora was. lol

When you're just done for the day. But still cute as hell.

I was really proud of myself. I started August with nearly every post for the month finished. All I had left was two insta-wed posts and maybe 2 just for fun reviews if I felt like it. But all those tags? Finished and scheduled posts!

When it's so hot you resort to bribing yourself with future fun money spending. Only way this week's to do list is happening. lol

Getting our Christmas on. Plus a new May Designs notebook I bought.

A peek at the first week of August.

Some new reads to check out from Entangled and Grand Central. Thanks, y'all! 
📚 Long, Tall Cowboy Christmas by Carolyn Brown  (good!)
📕 The Playboy Bachelor by Rachel Van Dyken (good!)
📖 The Importance of Being Scandalous by Kimberly Bell (still on the tbr)

So. Yes. This is a good bit of the reason I've been offline so much. My eyes suck. I went to get my prescription updated but something's wrong. My left eye is fine. My right eye has decided to throw a fit and won't focus. Nothing she could do prescription-wise would fix it. So it's something in me. I'm waiting for an appointment with a specialist at this point to figure out if it's swelling or something neurological that's blocking the signal. It doesn't hurt or anything. It just is like my right eye is way out of prescription where things start to slightly double. And my left eye is having to overcompensate a lot for it and is likely what's causing my eye strain and headaches. So. Yes. That's been happening. lol

Never Alone. Endless help.

Couponing adventures! Got all this for -.02. Yep. They paid me two cents. lol
Crazy. The toothpaste was cheaper than the coupon and something else and that overage paid for other things. Boggles.



I have bad cats! Naughty cats! Weird cats! Turned around for literally seconds and Marcie stole the turkey. And then we all fought over steamed broccoli. Yep. Marcie and Cypress both fought me on it. We've also argued over who gets the garlic cauliflower and creamed spinach this week. 

Hiding from the day.

Getting ready for the week. lol #HonestPlanner #TruthInPlanning
Trying not to lie about my to do lists. lol

Trying an EarthBox! An author I follow swears by them. They're supposed to be fool proof growing. We shall see! I'm a plant killer so this is a true test. It holds a 3 gallon water reserve so hopefully.

Moooooooooom!!! It's time to read!!! This one looks tasty! #MyCatReadsSmut (Yay, book win! Thanks to St Martin's and Manda Collins!)

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