Monday, August 21, 2017

{Memes} New Reads-- Teachers/Students Romances-- & the Hunt!

I wanted to meme. And only had one weekly post to do it. So there's a whole lotta memeage happening in this post. You might have to scroll down a bit to get the one you're looking for. 😸

As you read I'm in South Carolina! Oooo! Yes, mom and Oma decided to drive up and I decided to drive down so we could watch the eclipse together. We're supposed to get almost 2 minutes of complete dark. But the more exciting bit is getting to see them. It's been a year and 2 months since I saw them last. Jake the dog came, too! (he even has eclipse glasses). Internet is limited so I'l be offline mostly other than wee hours when they're asleep most likely. But come by, visit, check out posts. I'll be by to visit everyone as soon as I get home :) Happy Monday, yall! ~anna

Erms. I might have gone a bit book happy! But I'm nearly caught up with things so I'm okay with that!

For Review

The Final Score by Jaci Burton-- I'm so excited for this one!

The Playboy Bachelor by Rachel Van Dyken
I've actually already read an ARC of this one but a finished copy arrived this week. BabyG, of course, had to be involved.

Duke of Desire by Elisabeth Hoyt
SO excited for this one but it's also the last nooooooo!!!!

And from Netgalley

Lady Eleanor's Seventh Suitor by Anna Bradley--LOVE this cover!
Holiday Wishes by Jill Shalvis-- Because it's Jill! 

I picked up a couple freebies. 


Enforce by Rachel Van Dyken-- I've enjoyed others from her
Healed by Love by Melissa Foster-- cute cover buy
Last Resort by Jill Sanders-- 2nd cute cover buy lol
PS from Paris by Marc Levy-- this was my prime freebie for August

Currently Reading

(maybe still reading, I'm doing this post ahead of time lol)
Love the cover. Love Bradley. Would not mind if the heroine stabbed the hero.

Then I'm tackling the Jill Shalvis!

This week was a "Back to School" freebie top ten and I picked...

Top Ten: Teacher/Student Romances!

Okay so I know I've read more than just these three. But dang if my brain didn't pull a runner on me when I sat down to figure it all out. So three I have read!

Indecent Exposure by Tessa Bailey 
He's a police recruit and she's his new weapons instructor! Ee!

Need Me by Tessa Bailey 
Honey has a thing for her buttoned up professor and accidentally getting locked in a dark closet with him? Her in! 

A Reckless Desire by Isabella Bradford 
She's an errand girl and he's teaching her to become a successful actress. 

And some waiting on my TBR pile!

Have you ever read a book written in a foreign language you might be fluent in, and then read the same book in English? 

A: Gah. Yes. My entire senior year of high school. It was hell.
I was in AP English Literature and AP Spanish Literature 2 (a class of three) And we read a lot of the same books in both but at different times of the year.
I seriously dislike being told what and when to read so you can imagine that went over swimmingly and I loved everything we read...both times. lol

Why I'm Waiting: I've read Neill since the early days and enjoyed book 2 in the series. It had quite an ending so I'm pretty excited to see The Hunt and what will develop. Plus that's just a badass cover.
When bounty hunter Liam Quinn discovered that Claire Connolly was a Sensitive and infected with magic, he should have turned her in to be locked up in the prison district known as Devil's Isle. Instead, he helped her learn to control her power and introduced her to an underground group of Paranormals and humans who know the truth about the war and those who fought it.

Now the weight of Liam's own secrets has forced him into hiding. When a government agent is killed and Claire discovers that Liam is the prime suspect, she races to find him before the government can. But she'll discover proving his innocence is no simple matter. Their enemies are drawing closer, and time is running out....

Release Date: Sept 26 

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