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{Memes} My Pretties-- Erotic Romances You Need to Read-- Cover Cuteness!

I wanted to meme. And only had one weekly post to do it. So there's a whole lotta memeage happening in this post. You might have to scroll down a bit to get the one you're looking for. 😸

Okay. So life update real quick. Yall saw my eye post this week. Still struggling with computer time. And the time I do spend is on author stuff or the auction which starts later today. Once that's live I'll hopefully finally get to do some blog visits. Reading is like next to none right now, too. Ahhhh, yall! lol Other than that. Life is life and not horrid. I'm going to eat a lot of birthday cookie cake today. I got it on sale for 1.99 (down from 13) with my coupons. lol Makes turning 35 tomorrow not quite as bad :)

A light week on the reading front! But that's okay. I'm still ahead on my blog list so I'm good :)

For Review/Currently Reading
Only one. Snagged Linda Broday's To Marry a Texas Outlaw from Netgalley.

I really enjoyed book one and so far this one is great, too. It's taking me ages to finish but that's because my eyes are broken and life is crazy and, well, reading is hard right now. But I'm slowly getting through it :)

*I was sent a review consideration book but dang if I can find it right now. It was a Jennifer Ryan, I think. Ergs. #BadBloggerGirl 

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Ten Hidden Gem Books in Erotic Romance

I get comments often about erotic romance and how it has no substance and isn't well written. Always makes me laugh because often they're thinking of 50 Shades or similar and that's just not quality at all.

So I wanted to share some erotic romances of varying heat levels that I thought were amazing. Well written and full of amazing characters, romance and incredible sex scenes, too. Starting with the tamest and working up to extreme...


A Measured Risk by Natasha Blackthorne
Historical BDSM where the heroine has PTSD, steamy and very touching.

After Hours by Cara McKenna
Set on a psych ward, a blue collar hero with a dirty mouth, SO good!

My Liege of Dark Haven by Cherise Sinclair
Mmm My Liege. He's an amazing Dom who snuggles puppies (BDSM)


Linger by Lauren Jameson
Heroine is a Domme and the HERO is the submissive but fighting it. He's also her boss. Oo! It was interesting watching his struggle with his submissive side.

The Exhibitionist by Tara Sue Me
Really the whole series is good. It follows a couple as they meet and marry. And then some of their friends get books as well.

Need You Tonight by Roni LorenThis whole series is amazing. BDSM and incredibly hot. It explores all kinds of relationships and goodness some amazing romances


Off the Clock by Roni Loren
Another fab series from Loren. This one set at a sex rehab. Hero/ine are therapists. Incredible romance and very passionate.

Claimed by Elle Kennedy
UF/Erotic These are super hot and filthy but nice romances with some gritty end of the world action.

Crosstown Crush by Cara McKenna
This is more on the erotica front. It's menage and very interesting as a married couple brings in a 3rd to indulge the hero's cuckolding kink.


Safeword Quinacridone by Candice Blevins
Full out kink! This one is edgy and ventures into some extreme kinks. And amazingly made a fisting scene freaking romantic as all hell. 

Asking for It by Lilah Pace
Not for everyone! This is a rape fantasy series. It's very hot and the romance that sneaks into it is really amazing. 

Question: Do you participate in The Bloggiesta?
A: Nope. I never have. I know a lot of blogs I follow do, though. I think I tend to do a bunch of it just on my own naturally. But maybe one day. 

Why I'm Waiting: The cover. It's all about the cover. Oh my gosh I love it so much. I might have actually shared it before. I can't remember but even if I did the cute should be shared again. I had fun with book one, too. Release: 9/26
Tuesday Knight's dream of Broadway stardom has flopped, leaving her unemployed and brokenhearted. Ready to quit kissing frogs and make her own happily-ever-after, she takes a job as a princess in Everland, Georgia's historical amusement park.

Mayor Beau Marino lives an unenchanted existence-all work, no play-which is fine by him. After his marriage ended in disaster, the last thing he wants in his life is more drama. But Everland's new free spirit has a talent for getting under his starched collar.

When the town's beloved but bankrupt park might be shut down, Tuesday and Beau face a choice. Can they join forces, save the day-and each other? Or will their fierce battle of wills destroy any chance of a fairy-tale ending?

In the tradition of New York Times bestselling authors Kristan Higgins, Jill Shalvis, and Marina Adair, comes the second book in Lia Riley's Everland, Georgia series about two city sisters finding love in a small town.

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