Thursday, August 24, 2017

3.5 stars-- The Escape Diaries (Life and Love on the Lam #1) by Juliet Rosetti

Soooooo. Blogger Shame. Yes. The Escape Diaries landed on my review pile in, erm, 2013? And I'm just finishing it. LOL Oops!

The Escape Diaries is a madcap romp as Mazie--convicted of murdering her husband-- escapes prison during a tornado and leads the FBI and a slew of bad guys on a week long chase--picking up a motley crew of helpers (and a fan club) set on proving her innocence.

Okay so Mazie. I grew to like Mazie. She's spunky, full of determination and strength. The girl is constantly jumping from one crazy crisis to another and manages to hold herself together--mostly-- and keep going. She doesn't always make the best choices but, yes, she grew on me.

And I really liked Ben. Her helper turned love interest. A crafty cameraman from Canada who might have had a bit of a crush on her since her trial years earlier. He's a bit messy but totally one of those people you'd want to run to and squeeze for comfort.

The romance was way on the back burner since most of the book was Mazie on the run but there's a little flirtation and a little bit of heat, too. The rest of the series focuses on the two of them so I was okay with this.

The rest of it. So silly and over the top crazy. But also in a fun way. Bad guys, betrayals, running from the FBI, picking up helpers and a crazy fan club that was all on board with helping her escape and prove her innocence.

I did have a couple issues.
--I started it way back in the day and quickly set it down because Mazie and I had a bit of an issue at the start. She's not always the most ethical human and some of her lies and manipulations while escaping rubbed me real wrong-- ie: she led a lady to believe she was a near rape victim to get her help. 
--Everyone who helped her...turned out to be an illegal alien. And that had me rolling my eyes. 
--The bad guys basically got away with everything. I hate when that happens.
All in all, though, I did have fun with The Escape Diaries. It wasn't a perfect fit for me but it was a very easy read that made me laugh multiple times and in the end won me over. I'd read more from Rosetti, I believe. I wouldn't mind seeing what happens next for these two.

Wrongly convicted of killing her philandering husband, Mazie Maguire is three years into her life sentence when fate intervenes—in the form of a tornado. Just like that, she’s on the other side of the fence, running through swamps and cornfields, big box stores and suburban subdivisions. Hoping to find out who really murdered her husband, Mazie must stay a few steps ahead of both the law and her mother-in-law, who would like nothing better than to personally administer Mazie the death penalty via lethal snickerdoodle. With the Feds in hot pursuit and the national media hyping her story, Mazie stumbles upon a vast political conspiracy and a man who might just be worth a conjugal visit—if she survives.

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