Friday, January 26, 2018

{Memes} I Can't Believe I Finished This Book, Baby Blogger Me & This Week's Reading!

I wanted to meme. And only had one weekly post to do it. So there's a whole lotta memeage happening in this post. You might have to scroll down a bit to get the one you're looking for. 😸
Another week down! It's been cold then hot then cold again. Sitting at 23 this morning which is a little mean after the 60-70s we've had. lol Working aroudn the house boxing things up, doing an insane amount of cooking and watching over a couple herd babes that are feeling poorly from the weather change.

I finally had my appointment with the food pantry! It's an amazing place. They offer a ton of outreach other than the pantry which was really interesting. I posted over on FB about it. I've put in an application and am hoping they approve it. Even if they don't I'll still take things in. I was able to take an entire overflowing grocery cart of stuff in this week which was cool.

Not much else. I've been staying on top of my reading and not taking too many in right now so I don't get behind. I'm content with it even if I'm reading fewer books overall.

For Review
I picked Claim Me, Cowboy up yesterday and finished it. It was okay. Not my favorite from Yates but I didn't hate it.

Wolf Signs-- a freebie. I've enjoyed Arend in the past

Read This Week
A pretty good reading week! I completed four books. I enjoyed all of them. Cowboy SEAL Homecoming I think was my favorite. Then Midnight Wolf, Shot on Gold and Claim Me, Cowboy.

Currently Reading
Jesus this hero is a wanker. I keep thinking you're being an idiot and a prick. You need to eat a fucking sandwich and a piece of chocolate you whacked out health nut! But I'm not hating the book. He's just being moronic. He'll get over it, I think. lol

This Week's Planner
A different sort of layout this week but I'm seriously smitten with it!

Top Ten: Books I Can’t Believe I Read Finished

I'm going with books I can't believe I managed to finish because there's not much I can't believe I read since, erm, I love monster porn. lol


Twilight-- These weren't the worst thing I've read but I can't believe I let a friend talk me into reading...all of them. And I did. So much time wasted. lol

The Edge of Never-- I knew at 20 pages in I should DNF but I was stubborn. So stubborn. [review]

To Wild to Tame-- The heroine did something in this one and no one made a big deal and it was a HUGE deal (she stole $30,000 in donations). I should have bailed at that point. [review]

Vicious Cycle-- Like watching little kids play dress up. Such a flat read.  [review]

Loud Is How I Love You-- An immature, irrational and just obnoxious heroine. And almost all "tell not show" writing style. [review]

The Billionaire's Favorite Mistake-- Retched heroine who had sex with a hero who was beyond consent he was so drunk plus she slapped him and hid a pregnancy. Bitch. [review]

Lover Reborn-- The final nail in my love of JR Ward. [review]

A Duke but No Gentleman-- Slimy men betting on sleeping with a virgin. I hated pretty much everything about it. [review]

Playing Hard to Master-- Oh this was so bad. One of the most unfortunate BDSM ones I've read and a horrid heroine. [review]

Question: Do you ever go back to older posts and change things? 
A: Every once in a while but not really. My changes tend to be little things like fixing editing blips or adding in Amazon/Goodreads links since I didn't do that early on. But I don't change anything major on those early reviews.

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