Saturday, March 31, 2018

The Monthly Herd-- March-- It had well. lol

We had Spring! Then Summer! Then Winter! Lord this month. lol

March wasn't too bad. I got a lot done and for the most part it was an easy month until the very end. Then hell sorta broke loose. Ee!

On the Blog

  • Blog Ahead happened. It's actually at the halfway point and I've nearly completed the challenge. So I'm feeling good about that.
  • I've actually caught up on return blog visits! A first in a long long time.
  • My reading is still going. Not a binge anymore but solid. I'm 14 ahead of my Goodreads goal. Woo!
  • I've finished all reviews on Edelweiss! And have only 7 left on NG that are past due. Then I'm DONE with review copies! Yay!

On the Home Front

  • I did a lot at the food pantry and a couple shifts at the USO. It all went well minus one volunteer who made my eye twitch. lol
  • Did some planting and reading and cleaning/purging/organizing. 
  • And then Cleo gave us a scare with a severe asthma attack that led to heart murmurs and then the discovery her heart is in the complete wrong location and her trachea is kinked. So...a lot of trauma the last 3 days of March. But she's stable and home and we're going to attempt home treatments for her and hopefully get her past this incident. 

Total Reviews: 13
New to Me Authors: 3
Favorite Read: Breaking Up with Barrett
Towards Challenges: 13

4 star
Jonquils for Jax by Katy Regnery
One Night of Sin by Elle Kennedy
One Night of Trouble by Elle Kennedy
Bad Business by Nicole Edwards
The Rancher by Anna Schmidt
Midnight Games by Elle Kennedy
Breaking Up with Barrett by Katy Regnery
Dark Redemption by Angie Sandro
Dragon Soul by Katie MacAlister


3.5 stars
Three the Hard Way by Sydney Croft
Forbidden Fling by Skye Jordan


2.5 stars
More to Love by Alison Bliss

2 stars
Accidentally Hers by Jamie Beck

And that's it for March! Did you have a favorite post this month?
Yall are always welcome to check out old posts, too :)

On to April! Hope yall have a good one!

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