Monday, April 16, 2018

4 stars-- Falling Head Over Boots (Tender Heart Texas #2) by Katie Lane

Yall. This series! It's so fun. Basically the heroines all love the same book series but the author died decades earlier and her final book disappeared before it could be published. And they're on the hunt for that lost manuscript which has brought them to the dusty Texas town where the books were written and where the author's family-- with all it's infuriatingly sexy cowboys-- still live. Falling Head Over Boots was just a blast, yall.
The Gist: Carly screwed up her big city life as a chef and has found herself at the bottom of the barrel in a rundown town being talked into opening it's abandoned diner by her best friend. To make matters worse? The diner is owned by a cowboy who drives her fucking insane. He just can't seem to stop butting in and rescuing her, dammit! And he's not going to cooperate unless she agrees to move onto his ranch and be his personal chef. Mmhm. He wants food. Lots of it.
Oh these two. Carly and Zane are total opposites. Zane's a buttoned up control freak who never steps out of line. Carly's a hot head who mouths off before thinking. Yall, they needed each other. Desperately. And not just for the nekkid shenanigans. Really he's a good guy in need of a tussling and she's a fiery thing in need of some settling. They were such a fun handful driving each other crazy.

Their romance was, erm, lively. ::snort:: He has a thing for rescuing her and it irks her something fierce. Just like it drives him mad she's always in need of rescuing. lol They had great chemistry and were just a hoot as they faced off.

Add in a little hunt for the manuscript, some hilariously endearing friends and townsfolk, a city girl finding her way in the country...yeah it was just a delightful read.

Falling Head Over Boots...I totally get it. This town and it's cowboys have me smitten!

After getting her heart broken, Carly Hanover believes the only person she can trust is herself. She works hard to become an executive chef and dreams of opening her own restaurant. But after being blackballed in the culinary world for losing her temper with a customer, that dream starts to fade . . . until she stumbles upon a rundown diner in Bliss, Texas, that could make all her wishes come true. The only one standing in her way is the owner—a headstrong rancher who is convinced Carly needs rescuing. And the truth is, she does. But can she finally let go of her past hurt and trust a cowboy hero for the job?

Everyone thinks Zane Arrington has the perfect life. He owns a successful cattle ranch, is married to the homecoming queen, and just bought the best breeding bull this side of the Pecos. But things aren’t going as well as they seem. His wife ran off. His prize bull can’t get it up. And the new cook he hired is distracting him from solving these problems with her good cookin’, sexy little tattoos, and smart—but very kissable—mouth. It will take Zane embracing the crazy chaos for him to figure out that he doesn’t need a perfect life as much as the perfect wife.

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