Friday, October 19, 2018

[memes] Oh Those Villains! + my week in books

Note: I accidentally deleted 6 months of the blog so this is a repost. All comments on the original posts were unfortunately lost. Sorry!

I wanted to meme. And only had one weekly post to do it. So there's a whole lotta memeage happening in this post. You might have to scroll down a bit to get the one you're looking for. 😸

Whoa boy it got cold, yall. It was like summer...summer...WINTER! lol We're getting down into the 30s at night. Holy cow.

This was a pretty good week.
  • I had the USO and food pantry. Both went well though were equally quiet.
  • I loved the garden center I checked out. They were super helpful and assisted me in spending WAY too much money but look at the pretties! Totally worth it. I'm actually going back today. lol
  • I checked out our farmers market for the first time and it was cute. Found some fun stuff to try including vegetarian feta!
  • I did a lot of yard work, had a snake encounter, attempted to take cuttings of my annuals to see if I can grow more for next year.
On The Blog
  • Blog Ahead is still going. I'm now at 46 scheduled posts all the way out to end of Jan!
  • I had an amazing reading week with 5 full length books. Woo!
  • And I started blog commenting again. I made it round to a handful but have about 220 more blogs to go so be prepared for lots of comments as I make my rounds. lol


Hot Asset/Hard Sell--Were both great. A little different set up with the guys working Wall Street. Heroine #1 was an SEC investigator investigating the hero for insider trading. Heroine #2 was a "Fixer" getting hero #2 out of a bad image blunder. Lots of fun and sexy. 

Playing for Keeps-- was a disappointment. I loved the hero and dog. The heroine...was exhausting and by the end not worth the effort for me. My least favorite Shalvis character to date I think. 

The House on Main Street/The Cottage on the Corner-- A small town full of turmoil and heart during the Christmas season. I loved the characters, the town, that they were all dealing with some heavy stuff (heroine #1 suddenly the guardian of her autistic nephew after her sister's death, hero #2 finding out he's a daddy after his ex abandons their daughter) but they didn't let it bring them down. Excellent reads on the PG side of things. 

I'm *just* starting Ghostly Paws. New to me author. Heroine is a bookstore owner and the librarian across the road has been killed. The heroine sees ghosts and has been tasked with finding the killer.

Just one-- Lord of Chance was a freebie.

Revenant by Larissa Ione
The Rescuer by Ann Omasta
Sweet Potato Chickpea Stew

hosted by: That Artsy Reader Girl

Top : Villains

Lothaire is by far my favorite villain turned hero. Lordy be. That vampire!
He's caused all kinds of hell and torment.
He was an interesting villain turned hero who continues to be incredibly scary and utterly badass with a huge touch of crazy!


Duke of Sin-- Yeah. The Duke. This guy. Villainous hero....heroic villain. Eeeeeh. Totally a toss up with a side of crazy blackmailer. lol

Haunted-- Eve...was amazing. She's apologetically her and rocks the moral boat quite a bit. She was interesting.

One Silent Night-- Stryker, well. he was my first from the series. A bad guy set on killing the dark hunters and humans. But...he was my first. And I loved him. Ha!

Question: If you were to dress up as a literary figure {author or character} for Halloween, who would it be?
A: Hmm well in keeping with the theme of the blog can I just be Eve so I can have Roarke? Please and thanks!

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