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3 stars-- Instant Temptation (Wilder #3) by Jill Shalvis

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Overall I enjoyed Instant Temptation! But, I did have some issues with a couple scenes that were really inappropriate.
The Gist: Well. Harley and TJ have some sparks. And some irritation with one another. Something he don't understand the source of. But he's going to find out even if he has to invite himself along on a multi day hike she's taking for work. They're gonna settle this. Even if they have to get nekkid to do so. Mmhm.

I liked em. TJ's all sexy alpha. He's a nature guide and does extreme tours. A bit of a wander. Has a quiet authority about him and is a good guy. And Harley's a giver. Does everything for her family and is just trying to figure out her next step.

Their romance was pretty fun. They drive each other batty, bicker and pretend they don't care about the other but majorly fail on that front. They're a bit stubborn and so perfect for each other.

I did have a couple issues with some scenes that really needed to be rethought. 

They were questionable and had the roles been reversed would have caused quite a stir with readers. Disappointing to see that in a Shalvis book and that NO ONE had issues with the two scenes and what was done and said to the hero.
  • When they were teens the heroine slept with the hero when he was too drunk to know what was going on (or remember it). They were not a couple and she was sober. Can you imagine if a hero had done that to the heroine? Rape would be hinted at for sure.
  • And then this scene as the two lead a nature tour and the female customers get a bit handsy with the hero. Again, can you imagine a hero legitimately saying this to a heroine? Absolutely not. But a heroine saying it to a hero is totally fine?
“Must be exhausting to fend off four beautiful young women’s advances.” Fend them off he had, with more calm, impassive pleasantry than she could have managed. “I mean sure, they want to eat you up,” she said. “You might have gotten groped a few times getting in and out of the water, but overall, it’s been easy enough to handle, right?”
Overall, though, minus those two issues Instant temptation was a pretty good time. Great hero and heroine, some fun adventures and a happy ever after. Can't complain about that!

To Harley, the landscape around Wishful, California, is exhilarating, untamed, and more than a little dangerous. The same could be said for T.J. Wilder, who's invited himself along on her trek to study a rare coyote. Harley's career is riding on this trip, and she doesn't need a stubborn, incredibly sexy distraction. But T.J. is a professional guide who knows when to stay back and when to provide invaluable expertise - just like he's done since they were in high school. And Harley, as usual, is torn between throttling him and giving in to the raw attraction that's been smoldering all these years.

T.J. knows how proud and capable Harley is, but he's damned sure not letting her put herself at risk when there are illegal hunters in the area. She needs him, with the same soul-stirring urgency that he's always craved her. And here, in this beautiful place days from civilization, he'll finally have a chance to prove it - over and over again...

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