Monday, January 7, 2019

Hot As Sin (Bad Habit #3.5) by J.T. Geissinger

Oh Barney. He was one of my favorite secondary characters throughout this series and I've been dying for more of him. Hot as Sin, though. Totally bittersweet.
The Gist: For years Barney has protected the guys in the Bad Habit band. They're his family. But he's leaving them to take a job across the country. And this was the big goodbye.

Yep. It made me cry.

I loved Barney in the series. And I loved him here, too. He's such a good guy and has quite the air of mystery about him. It kind of breaks my heart he's leaving the band and their women. Though I understand (heartsick, yall). I loved seeing all of the group antics one more time as they give Barney a send off fit for a superstar. They're a crazy wonderful group and I'm just as sad as Barney to say goodbye to them. I can't wait for Barney's series and really hope Marcus will show up there, too. So a bittersweet read for those who love the series.

*I wouldn't recommend this as a standalone. It's really a transition novella and best enjoyed after reading the Bad Habit series. Which is an amazing series so really you should read them all. *nods*

On his last day in Los Angeles before leaving for his new job with a high-profile private security firm in New York, Bad Habit's long-time bodyguard Barney just wants to relax. Too bad the members of the band have other ideas. The bad boys of rock 'n' roll might be settling down with wives and children, but that doesn't mean they've forgotten how to party... hard.

And Barney's going away celebration turns out to be the party everyone will talk about for years.

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