Friday, March 22, 2019

[memes] Audio? AUDIO! + my week in books

Holy cow this week! It wasn't bad. Just busy and long and whew I'm ready for all the naps. lol

  • Cleo is doing so much better. I think we've finally come out of her flare up thanks to steroids and her oxygen machine and all the foods. 
  • I skipped the USO this week (was too nervous about leaving Miss Clem) but went to the food pantry. It was busy!
  • I'm still loving my roof! 
  • It's been beautiful out this week. I started my spring planting and have lettuce, chives, swiss chard and carrots in. The onions and garlic are doing great. Tulips are coming up, too!
  • BabyG turned 11! I cannot believe my baby is 11!

It was a decent reading week. I finished 3 full books and re-read 2 of the novellas in Santa's On His Way (had forgotten to do the reviews for them)

Santa's on His Way-- It was fun. I enjoyed all four novellas. Nice bit of Christmas and some struggles to work through

The One You Fight For-- I've enjoyed this series. This one was okay. It felt like the author forgot it was supposed to be a romance for a while and was edging towards social justice warrior. It turned around but the middle dragged a lot because of it. 

The Doctor's Christmas Proposal-- Was so cute! Two best friends secretly in love with each other. The bit of "drama" was ridiculous but it was a really cute read none the less. 

Dangerous Beauty-- Yeah. I'm still a spot pissed over this one. I have been DYING for this character's story. Unfortunately this is NOT A COMPLETE STORY! It's one of three. Which is not mentioned on over or blurb or anywhere until the authors note after things end on a cliffhanger. So, yeah, I was not amused or happy with that. It was good other than that, though. He's hired by her husband to watch her. Turns out that husband is a stalker and Russian mob. Things get blown up.


My first historical in over a year! Whoa!! I love Schmidt's western romances and Trailblazer has been sitting on my review pile ignored. Figured it was finally time to break my dry spell. I'm about halfway through and loving it. She's moved cross country at 19 to work as a drink girl at a restaurant chain on the railways. He's a local cowboy. They're both adorable. 

Eh. Wasn't bad until the cliffhanger. grrrrrr!

Just one. I read Croc's Return as a review book and it was fun. It's free now so figured I'd snag a finished copy.

Again I did no planner. Not really. I've been blocking it for some reason this year. So I guess food again. Though that wasn't all that inspired either. lol


Macaroni & Cheese Pot Pie with Salad
Leftover Mandarin Chick'n over Fried Rice
Teriyaki Broccoli, Fried Halloumi over Vegetable Fried Rice
Veggie Hotdogs with coleslaw and cheese. 
(heh I was channeling summer apparently)

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Top Ten: Favorite Audio Narrators

It took me a long time to get into audiobooks. I had a few major duds and gave up for a while. But then decided to try again and playing around found I love them. But narrator plays a HUGE role. Speed does, too. I usually change the speed on my player and make it just a little faster which helps with voices and tempo for me.

Anywho. Here are some of my favorite narrators lately. Have you listened to any of them?

  1. Scott Brick 
  2. Cris Dukehart 
  3. Teri Clark Linden 
  4. Tatiana Sokolov
  5. Lorelei King
  6. Sophie Eastlake
  7. Moira Quirk
  8. Jeffrey Kafer
  9. Penelope Keith
  10. Hillary Huber

Who is YOUR favorite narrator?

Question: Do you read along with your Audio books?
A: No. Not really. I tend to stick to audio for a full book or e/print for a full book.

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