Saturday, April 6, 2019

[AtoZ] From My Garden

One of my 2019 goals was to turn my yard into a garden. I have a terrible black thumb, yall, so a challenge. But I've been determined! I have, erm, caused the demise of a few plants but a lot of them have actually survived! The winter even! 

I started with some pretty plants.





Tulips! Well the starts of them anyways. I might not have gotten all of them in at the same time last fall. And some of my daffodils that come back every year. They bloomed a month ago-ish.


I'm growing some veggies and herbs, too! Decided to try garlic and onions this year. They're doing good so far! This is the garlic. I've got chives, sage, swish chard, lettuces, spinach, beans, carrots, tomatoes growing (or soon to be growing)

The other big project yard-wise other than just pretty plants is the backyard. It's grown wild for about 5 years now. Nothing done to it at all. I hired a crew to come de-ivy it. Took them a few days because of rain. But the yard is stripped and now has a thick layer of mulch. Next step is a 5 foot privacy fence and cat proofing. Then I'll start planting and doing some hardscaping in the back. Hopefully the kitties will be able to enjoy the yard safely come summer.

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