Thursday, April 18, 2019

[AtoZ] Probable Paws (Mystic Notch #5) by Leighann Dobbs

This gave me a good laugh because, honestly, truer words have never been thought. #CatMom

When I returned to the bookstore, I was surprised to find that Pandora hadn’t done anything to exact her revenge for being left alone. Or at least not anything that I could find. Her behavior made me suspicious, though. She was acting sweet, rubbing up against me and looking at me at me innocently with those golden-green eyes. Too sweet and too innocent. It set me on edge—the behavior was out of character for the normally feisty and contrarian feline. Maybe she’d done something that I had yet to discover.

I've been having such fun with this series. A small town with some slightly mystical elements. A town filled with ancient cats who's mission is to protect their humans. A bookstore owning heroine and a sexy cop hero. I mean. Ahhhh!
The Gist: An old lady dies...or is it murder? Her shady family and a lost recipe book might prove it's the latter. And Willa...who has been tasked by a ghost to find that lost recipe book might get more than she bargained for with this set of crazy family members. 
Oh Willa and Striker. They're both such great characters. I've enjoyed them and that they're slightly older coming in around 50. They're taking their romance slow (darn!) and we don't get nearly enough of the two together but I still enjoy their moments. And a new revelation about Striker this go around which was so fun!

I enjoyed the mystery, too. Wanted to shake some people because come on just say what you wanna say and stop being so mysterious and vague! but still a fun mystery that kept me semi-guessing at who was on which side of things and how it would all play out.

All in all, Probable Paws was another enchanting addition to the series. Some ghosts, some romance, all the kitties our hearts could desire...yes, good times, indeed.

Middle-aged bookstore owner Willa Chance is often haunted by ghosts who want her to do their bidding. Usually it involves the nasty business of bringing their killer to justice, so when the ghost of Adelaide Hamilton asks her to find an old recipe book and give it to Elspeth Whipple, it seems like an easy job.

Except Willa's search for the book has her crossing the path of Sheriff Eddie Striker one too many times for comfort. He's acting almost as if he's investigating a murder, but Adelaide died of natural causes. Didn't she?

When it turns out Adelaide's entire family had means, motive, opportunity, Willa's search becomes dangerous, and she finds herself matching wits with a cold-blooded killer that wants the same thing she does.

Luckily, Willa's cat Pandora is looking out for her and enlists the aid of the other cats of Mystic Notch who will stop at nothing to ensure Willa's safety as well as the recovery of the book ... even if it takes a little bit of magic.

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