Saturday, May 18, 2019

[In My Cart] *I* was Paid 6.93 to buy $70.57 Worth of Groceries

I decided to start sharing my couponing adventures on the blog!

My Shopping Totals This Week
*I* was Paid 6.93 to buy $70.57 Worth of Groceries

Ha! So, yes, some weeks you're actually paid to buy things.

70.57 Retail Value
13.52 OOP
(-6.93) Final
(1.09 of that was taxes)
30 #items
5 #donated

9.78 Retail
1.27 OOP
.52 Final


Well this was just fun. I went to buy the kidney beans and they rung up free. No price at all. They didn't know why so told me to just take them all. So I did. lol 

The Pinto beans had an ibotta rebate. 

The chocolate was free for signing up to get texts from Foodlion. They sent out $2 for mother's day for any chocolate. 


31.80 Retail
3.79 OOP
(-13.21) Final


Yes! I was PAID 13 bucks to buy this after ibotta/rebates!

--Pace had a beer rebate (offer AB-940) and ibotta rebate
--challenge butter both had coupons and ibotta rebate. If you buy the box be sure to save the coupons inside!
--Speed stick was a money maker with coupon from the paper and store promo (buy 3 get $3 off)


23.50 Retail
5.04 OOP
2.34 Final


Handi-foil was free with digital coupon in their app

Cafe Bustelo was free with a printable from earlier this month

Ronzoni was actually a money maker. BOGO in store and $1 back on ibotta! Made me 50cents.

Dixie was just on sale with COUPON


5.49 Retail
3.42 OOP
3.42 Final


No coupons or rebates just shopped sales. I wanted to use the parsley and onion from the garden (next pic) and one of my favorites is a cucumber/avocado/tomato salad. I cannot wait for later this summer when the only thing I'll have to buy is the avocado!

The Garden

Things I grew!! Red onion, swiss chard, multiple types of lettuce, parsley and a couple strawberries.
It was fun having an actual decent sized harvest already :)

This week's donation. About 2 weeks of stuff that I took in. Completely free via couponing. I actually think it ended up making me like $5 or so. Non sugar sweeteners are a huge thing at the pantry. They fly off the shelf with the diabetic clients. 

Fun Coupons to Print

$2/1 OB tampons

Rebate Apps You NEED!

Ibotta: HERE

Fetch: HERE referral code V1MJA 
($2 bonus when you sign up now and scan a receipt up to 2 weeks old)

Want to know more? Join our FB group that's all about coupons and savings!

I'm slowly working on a website and FB group for couponing where I'll share deals and coupons. Feel free to join, ask questions, share your hauls, etc!

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