Thursday, June 27, 2019

Blog All About It: June -- Risk -- plus river diving

This Month's Prompt! RISK

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So. I was thinking about this prompt. I should have planned them out better because...yeah...I got nothing. lol

I'm not a risk taker. But I'm not a non-risk taker either. I'm just kinda there. 

I do tend to throw myself into things without thinking. Once an idea pops into my head I kind of do it. Erm, buying a house included. :facepalm: But that's more impulse thing than risk I guess.

I absolutely do not do things like jumping out of a perfectly working damn plane. Or off a bridge. Hells to the no. I do not go in any type of water that's not chlorinated. There are too many things in the water that want to eat your ass. And too many things in water that should not be there --sunken cars and such. No. Ma'am. That ain't happening. Nope!

Drive across the country by myself at 18? No prob.

Go on a roof? Not gonna happen.

I will say, though, that I've become absolutely fascinated by river diving. Man +River, Jake at DALLMYD, Diveportablelungs are my favorites. So these boys go diving in rivers, lakes, etc looking for things people have lost over the years. They find a lot of really cool stuff and do a lot of good collecting trash, too. Plus they're pretty darn cute.

But seriously. Fuck no. 

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