Saturday, June 1, 2019

In My cart-- I Paid $26.83 for $285.66 worth of Groceries!

I decided to start sharing my couponing adventures on the blog!

My Shopping Totals This Week*

Retail...$285.66 but I PAID... 26.83!

*it's actually 2 weeks. I just didn't have enough last week to bother with a post. So first 2 images are last week, the rest are this week.
285.66 Retail Value
36.70 OOP
26.83 Final
(3.56 of that was taxes)
107 #items
26 #donated


98.82 Retail
30.78 OOP
23.83 Final

--This was great timing. I always start at the produce markdown section. Many stores have them. They'd apparently bought too much Organic Girl and in order to put the new out they put the "old" on clearance for $1 each! Usually 3.99 a pack. So I bought 10 (out of the 30) and then spent a lot of time at home sauteing spinach. It was so good!
--Ibotta rebates for Almond Breeze and Pace


12.46 Retail
1.20 OOP
(-.40) Final

--There had been an ibotta rebate for the pringles and a coupon from the paper making them free (actually money makers)


My Garden

I have two strawberry plants. So far I've had...7 strawberries. Most have been little. Tasty, though! I picked a bunch of lettuce, too. It's almost ready to bolt. I'll probably get 1 more large harvest out of it this week then will plant an eggplant where it was :)


35.17 Retail
.23 OOP
(-.37 )Final


--Again with the clearance items! I love them! The fancy cat food was on markdown for this flavor to 33cents a can. There was a $1/3 printable and a $1/2 from the paper making them all free or money makers. Yes! Happy babies!

--had an old printable for the coffee
--the yogurt was a free digital in the Publix app


66.52 Retail
.93 OOP
.93 Final

--Super doubles (they double coupon value) is always awesome.
--Printable coupon for the Clorox
--Paper coupons for the Perrier/Blue cat treets/Splenda/Spices and Stonefire Dippers
--I contacted Talenti over something and they sent me a free coupon in the mail. There were also points on Fetch for it HERE referral code V1MJA 


45.71 Retail
1.82 OOP
1.72 Final

--MORE clearance! The Sweet Earth were on clearance for 50% off and I had a coupon that made them free! It's just a variety they'll no longer carry. I got my 3 though.
--The Mission had coupons on the product
--Kool-Aid had coupons in the paper


26.98 Retail
1.74 OOP
.14 Final

--Oatmilk was FREE with store offer (be sure to sign up for your store's emails)
--Dentek had a printable coupon
--Just Crack an Egg had coupons on them in store AND rebates on ibotta making them free
--Chobani yogurt had coupons in store, too.

Fun Coupons to Print

$2/1 Advil PM
$2/1 Boost
.50/2 Oui Yogurt


Rebate Apps You NEED!
Ibotta: HERE
Fetch: HERE referral code V1MJA 

Want to know more? Join our FB group that's all about coupons and savings!

I'm slowly working on a website and FB group for couponing where I'll share deals and coupons. Feel free to join, ask questions, share your hauls, etc!

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