Tuesday, June 11, 2019

4 stars-- Sisters of Summer's End (Summer Resort #2) by Lori Foster

Sisters of Summer's End was pretty cute! And two romances for the price of one. Both sweet stories that left me smiling as two ladies become best friends and it changes both of their lives forever.
The Gist: Maris and Joy spend their days working hard at the RV resort where they've both lives for the last few years. They love it. But they also have a tendency to keep people at a polite distance. Both a little starved for a confidant they take a chance on each other and become best friends. Opening up and sharing their lives and pasts. And challenging each other to be a little more daring and have a little fun with a pair of guys who are quite mad about them. 

Maris & Daron

  • The standoffish cafe owner and the cheeky younger handyman who's been smitten with her for years. 
  • I loved Daron. He's a good guy. Sweet and funny and grounded. More than he seems. Persistent. Something he needed to handle Maris who...whew. She's a prickly handful. A little neurotic and hung up on things. I struggled a little with her early on as she judged him (quite wrongly) but did appreciate her figuring things out. They were a cute pair once things settled.

Joy & Royce

  • The single mom and event coordinator for the park and the hunky doesn't-want-any-commitments new owner of the drive in movie theater next door. 
  • I loved them. She's such a good mom and Royce for all his not wanting anyone to depend on him (he'd just cared for his dying mother for years) he was a pretty amazing guy. Talented and kind. Generous and easy going. And adorable with her little boy.

Both stories were nice and flowed well from one to the other. They weren't as rich or detailed as a single story would have been but Foster really did a great job of creating two complete romances/stories and not making it feel like you were shortchanged.

Overall, Sisters of Summer's End was a charming read. Gorgeous cover, endearingly wonderful characters, an adorable pup and kid, a fantastically unique setting with the RV Park. A little bit of heat. Really what more could a girl ask for? Other than a little more time spent at Cooper's Charm, of course. I couldn't help but fall head over heels for both the people and the park. Nicely done, Foster. Nicely done.

When single mom Joy Lee abandoned her old life to take a job at a lakeside resort, she found something that her family's wealth and influence could never buy: peace of mind. Not easy to come by for the once-burned divorcee who keeps everyone at a distance. But when her new friend, Maris, dares her to take a chance with the drive-in's charismatic new owner, everything changes for Joy and her young son.

A difficult childhood has left Maris Kennedy with definite priorities. Her job running Summer's End, the camp store and cafe, comes first. Always. Nothing could ever make her risk that hard-won security--especially not her free-spirited colleague. But the more she encourages Joy to open herself up to new experiences, the more Maris begins to wonder what she, too, might be missing.Learning how to trust will bring Joy and Maris together. And soon they form a friendship that leaves them as close as sisters--and open to love where they least expect it...in Summer's End.

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