Friday, September 25, 2020

4 stars-- Killer Keys (Cozy Corgi Mysteries #10) by Mildred Abbott

Corgis, bookstores, snowstorms, a little romance and celebrating? Ahhhh Killer Keys! I loved it!
The Gist: A family celebration at the local in goes full out drama when a blizzard hits and everyone is snowed in and then....someone starts killing staff and guests. Oh my!
Oh Fred. She manages to find so many dead people. lol I enjoy Fred. She's a little bit of a handful but she's got such a great heart and determination. She's doing her and that's that. Making a new life for herself and pup. She's really quite easy to fall for. And Leo. Oh lordy. He's so dang cute and sweet and patient with her. Things do maybe finally move along and it's adorable! He's a good bit younger than her but the two just fit so nicely even if she's been so dang slow on the uptake.
I heard more than felt the brush of Watson’s fur on my snow pants and looked to see him staring up at me. He gave a questioning whimper and an expression that read, What in the world is wrong with you? This is Leo. He’s better than treats!
The mystery was fun. I love the whole snowed in trapped with the killer thing. Some interesting tie ins to the past and kept me guessing a bit, too. I did think there needed to be a smidge more at the end but it was pretty good. Fun seeing all the different groups together, too --Fred's family/friends at the anniversary celebration, the other random hotel guests and the hotel staff.

All in all, Killer Keys was a fun read. From the grumpy Corgi to the quirky characters, sweet beginnings of romance and all the yummy food. Not to mention the murder. It was just a delight.

A celebratory weekend at a historic inn brings a blizzard, delicious cornbread, a cozy fire, and a murder… or two…

Winifred Page and her sidekick corgi, Watson, join an assortment of family and friends to celebrate her uncles’ anniversary at Baldpate Inn, nestled above Estes Park, Colorado. A blizzard is approaching, but the prospect of being snowed in means more time in the lovely mountain retreat—complete with river rock fireplaces, log cabin rooms, and a collection of thousands of keys from around the world.

With the blizzard raging outside the rustic inn, the early arrival of a knitting group adds a touch of drama, but nothing can unravel the cozy party spirit. Even when the power goes out, the merrymaking continues by lantern light. But in the flickering shadows and twisting hallways, relationships transform, secrets are uncovered, and death comes calling.

A weekend of glittering celebration unlocks a storm of change for Fred and Watson…

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