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Inherited Damnation Tour: Guest Post w/ Claire Ashgrove + giveaway

Hey Chickadees! We're pretty excited to be part of Claire Ashgrove's Inherited Damnation tour today! 

She's got a great guest post for yall and a quickie giveaway too. It ends today so enter as soon as you can. There's a tour-wide giveaway and one just for commenting here at herding cats & burning soup!
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For standing against her brother, Brigid McLaine is imprisoned within her home. All she wants is freedom and the ability to follow her dark nature. But captivity poses a greater threat in the form of her handsome guard, Micah Nelson. Day after day of confinement leads her down a treacherous path of desire she can no longer ignore.

When Micah befriended Brigid six years ago, he never imagined the woman who haunted his every fantasy would end up being the very same demon he's employed to guard. During the forced confinement, he comes to learn the softer, gentler side of the woman who is despised by her family--and he recognizes the fear that keeps her chained to her sire. As their bond strengthens and passion ignites, Micah struggles to convince Brigid to confront her fears and escape her incubus father's dark designs.

Yet with the sabot of Litha so near, one of them must make a choice. Will Brigid find the ability to confront her sire once and for all and embrace the lightness in her heart--or will Micah find the courage to let go of the one thing he wants most? Brigid.

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Where did the idea from this series come from?

You know, when I’m asked this question, I always feel like I’m supposed to have some super-creative answer that’s guaranteed to wow an audience.

In reality, it’s often very “unstoryish”.  (Yes I made up that word!)

The Inherited Damnation series stemmed from two desires: that of wanting to have shorter paranormal works quickly available that weren’t bound by my contract terms for The Curse of the Templars with Tor, and a love of missing points in history.  So I sat down one evening, sifted through some paranormal ideas I had, analyzed what I could convert into a short series of novellas, and came up with…nothing.  Everything was too epic and couldn’t be condensed.

But there was one idea that might work if I tweaked x, tinkered with y, and outright changed z.  A couple of flips through my history books, and I found the Selgovae Celts, which are referenced exactly twice in Ptolemy’s historic records.  What comes after Ptolemy is all speculation and logical deduction.

In short… the Selgovae have no guaranteed history, and some believe they may have actually been another tribe Ptolemy mixed up.  I don’t particularly care for that answer.  I like the more accepted belief that they existed, and then were ‘overtaken’ by another tribe.  (To include willful merging in that thought).

The question remained: what happened to them.  What could I make happen to them?  And I was off and running.  Cursed to kill the one they gave their heart to?  Oh yeah – that could be fun.  Amp up the stakes, throw in some more angst, oooh… and what if not all the siblings wanted to be ‘good’?

It led me to eight siblings in a struggle against the fates, their curse, and their selves.  With the end premise being:

Thousands of years ago, sixteen children were born to the Selgovae High Priestess, Nyamah. Eight were sacrificed by their incubus father in a quest for eternal power. Eight Nyamah secreted away. For betraying her evil mate, she was executed, her body divided, her soul chained to the mortal plane.

Nyamah's magic lived on. Written before her death, her book of sacred rituals details the means of destroying the incubus, Drandar. If this is accomplished, her spirit will at last rest peacefully.
But the immortal children who can carry out the rituals are divided. Some crave the innocence of light and mortal existence  Some thrive on the dark needs of their conflicted souls. Others tend the balance, forever devoted to the ancient Celt ways.

None may ever know the beauty of love, for if they should, they cannot resist the calling to kill the one who holds their heart.

I hope you’ll check it out.  And if you have any questions, I’m more than happy to answer!


Award-Winning Author, Claire Ashgrove
National Bestselling Author, Tori St. Claire

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  1. Hi,
    Great interview! This is a new author for me and this series sounds awesome :) I will be adding the first book in series to my TBR pile. Interesting info/history behind the series. I can't wait to get started.

  2. This is the first I've heard of this author but the series sounds awesome! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  3. WOW!! I love the premise of these ebooks! They are definitely going on my TBR list! Thanks for the chance to win!!
    ehaney578 at aol dot com

  4. I love paranormal historicals. The premise for these stories sounds intriguing too- cursed and all.

    Thanks for the interview post and for the giveaway opportunity.

  5. Love this and can´t wait for my chance to read! =)
    Happy Thursday!
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  6. these look awesome i cant tell you how excited i got when i seen how great these stories looked! beautiful covers

    mel91284 at yahoo dot com

    melissa portillo

  7. Sounds like a good series. "Unstoryish" sounds like a great made-up word. lol

  8. I'm hoping to read this series soon. I love historical but haven't read them with paranormal elements to it. Wonder if they are any good?

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  9. This sounds like such a great series, look forward to reading these books.
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  10. looking forward to your world

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  11. interesting yes but i'm curious do these novella need to be read on order or they works well as stand alone?

    thank you a lot


  12. Great interview! I've heard some awesome things about this author!
    -Kimberly @ Turning the Pages

  13. Sounds really good. Cant wait to read it.

    bacchus76 at myself dot com

  14. I'm going to have to branch off from the Templars and read your other work. This really sounds exciting! And I like the way you came about with these stories. Pretty cool. :)


  15. This book looks really fun can't wait to read

  16. I love when authors make up their own words, so much fun. haha This series is very inventive and intriguing and the covers are great. This is a new to me author and I think I found another must buy author.
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  18. I love the Curse of the Templers series so I think this will be just as welcome on my bookshelf.
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  20. This sounds great can';t wait to read it.


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