Wednesday, September 30, 2015

3 stars--Down the Rabbit Hole by Robb, Blayney, Fox, McComas and Ryan

paranormal romance, alice in wonderland, jd robb, mary blaney, elaine fox, mary kay mccomas, rc ryan
Fun, curious and head spinning fun. Down the Rabbit Hole was an entertaining anthology as 5 authors gave Alice in Wonderland their own personal spin.

Robb is one of my favorites so I was all in for giving this antho a go and it was a lot of fun. Each take was unique and interesting. I had favorites--Robb and Ryan and a couple misses as well--Fox and McComas--but all in all it was a twisty fun ride Down the Rabbit Hole.

The Monthly Herd--September 2015-- my deck, pretteh reads & sign ups galore!

Holy cow, yall. It's almost October. What the devil?!! September was a busy one here. On the blog and at home. I spent a lot of time this month out on my deck getting it all fixed up and prettified for Fall. Yall know I don't do nature so it was...trying being outside so much and getting dirty but I'm loving the final result. What do yall think?? It's been cool and a little overcast so #HerdPup and I have been working and reading out there when we can.

The green lounge was my birthday giftie from my mama. It's AMAZING. All the colorful cushions were on a huge sale for $10 each and I couldn't resist updating from the old brown/green striped ones. 

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

4 stars--The Stolen Mackenzie Bride (MacKenzies & McBrides #8) by Jennifer Ashley

highlanders, historical romance
Breathtakingly poignant. The Stolen Mackenzie Bride left me fighting back tears and wanting to fall down and have a massive sob. Beautiful, heartbreaking, passionate and utterly moving it gripped my heart and wouldn't let go.

If you've read this series this one is a bit of a throwback. All the way to Scotland 1745 and the life of the Mackenzie family ancestor, Malcolm, as he found love, fought for family, freedom and everything he held dear in the midst of an uprising between the Scottish and the English that pulled his family into the brutal battle between them.  It's a tumultuous time full of pain, loss and heartache but hope, love and determination shone through.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Buy The Book: New Releases (9/29), Cheap Reads & Freebies!

Books. All kinds of books. *squeals*
New releases, some freebies and some cheap reads for the week :)

Yall read any of these authors? Have a favorite?

Quote-tastic/Review-- henchmen? really? --A Tiger's Bride by Eve Langlais

Join us every Monday and share a favorite quote that's grabbed ya for one reason or another.

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No blog? No worries, just leave your favorites in the comment section. 

Eeeeve Langlais is our author for today. I freaking love her shifter books and gave her newest a go this past week and had a good giggle over it. And I totally went with three quotes today. Cus I can. <grins> This was one of those pure silly fun reads with a throw back hero straight out of 80s romance. Kidnapping, hear me roar, you're gonna marry me goodness. He's kind of a bad guy but gah so good!

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Tag: The Cat Herder [Edition 11-- badass cats, swears & peni]

I get tagged, tweeted, private messaged all the time with variations of... "omg this so reminded me of you! (or) that book you're reading!" this point...kinda makes me nervous. I just never know WHAT it's going to be. lol

And I thought it might be fun to start putting those random and wonderfully weird things people think just This feature won't always be, erm, family friendly. Heh. Big <tackle hugs> to everyone who tags me. Yall really make my days so fun :)

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Events with Herding Cats! Ongoing Sign Ups HERE!

I host a LOT of events during the year.

Reading challenges, book tours, blog hops, etc.

I wanted to have ONE page where all of those events (no matter which facet of blogger anna was hosting them) were listed. Aaaaaaand that's going to be this page.

So. Authors and bloggers!
Don't forget to Bookmark THIS page and check back regularly for events you can join in on!
It will also be linked over on the right side of this blog 

Friday, September 25, 2015

4 stars--Slow Ride (Playing for Keeps #1) by Cathryn Fox

cowboy, romance, review, cathryn fox, slow ride
Whew, boy! *fans self* Slow Ride was hot, sensual and delicious! Cathryn Fox delivered!

The quick of it is that Coop and his high school buddies have decided to invite the 'women who got away' to an all expenses paid trip to a dude ranch they own to see if maybe, just maybe, they were really meant to be. And for Coop that means his best friend from high school. Only glitch? Her twin sister, Julia, shows up instead. The girl who'd always had his eye despite being ever so off limits. Friend code and all that, ya know? Plus thinking he shoulda had a thing for his actual best friend. Ahh poor guy.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

3.5 stars--The Widow's Choice by Hildie McQueen

Simply sweet. The Widows Choice was an easy read with lovely characters finding their hope, love and a place to call home.

The quick of it is that Rafe and his best friend are moving north from Texas to Montana in search of a new start and they find a lovely widow struggling to keep her large ranch afloat. They're in need of work, she's in need of labor and they're hired on.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Interview w/ Rosanna Leo-- nutella shame, hairy chests and energizer bunnies?

Hey guys! Today we've got Rosanna Leo joining us to chat about Vice. Totally nomming on this cover! Anywho. Yall come hang out then leave Rosanna some comment love! Aaaaand...good morning Rosanna! Welcome to herding cats!

Thanks so much, Anna! I am very excited to be here. My cat Sweetie thinks this is the best interview I have ever done. *passes Sweetie a $20 for being a good cat*

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Rockin' Reads Giveaway Hop! Sept 23rd-30th

rockin reads

Everyone needs a Rockin' Read! Stop by Sept 23rd to 30th and find out which reads have rocked 2015 for us! There will be a giveaway on each blog so don't forget to visit them all!

Buy The Book! New Releases (9/22), Freebies & Cheap Reads!

Books. All kinds of books. *squeals*
New releases, some freebies and some cheap reads for the week :)

Yall read any of these authors? Have a favorite?

4 stars--Shooting Dirty (Dirty Eleven #2) by Jill Sorenson

Addictive! Sorenson has me hooked! Shooting Dirty was sexy, edgy and thrilling to the last page.

The quick of it is that Janelle and Ace have an, erm, complicated past seeing how months earlier he kidnapped her, held her hostage and kinda shot her ex. Yeah. *big ol' owly eyes* And now he's trying to make up for all the shit he's done, win her over and deal with two battling MCs intent on pulling him into their dangerous rivalries.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Quote-tastic/Review--oh drat! it's upside down-- The Madness of Lord Westfall by Mia Marlowe

Join us every Monday and share a favorite quote that's grabbed ya for one reason or another. 

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A new to me author this week! Mia Marlowe. This one was pretty fun. Historical with a bit of woo-woo and suspense. I love when characters get caught doing something a spot silly...

Sunday, September 20, 2015 Know--All kinds of things you really must hear about!

Aaaaaaand September's You Oughta Know! A couple ones today starting with this seriously lickable cover from Stacy Gail! She's one of the fabulous ladies who donated to our Support the Troops Auction earlier this year so all about showing her off. Especially when it's so yummeh! Check out the latest from her House of Payne series...

Friday, September 18, 2015

3.5 stars--Sinfully Yours (Hellions of High Street #2) by Cara Elliott

historical romance, cara elliott
The heroine's name is Anna!!! And she's an author! Okay, so I only write about books but woohoo! for an Anna!

Sinfully Yours was what I would call an easy read. Easy to get into with an easy plot and romance and likable characters. It was one of those books that just rolled along--and I don't mean that in a bad way. It was a delightful escape for a lazy afternoon or a stressful day when I needed something simple and that would soothe and leave me content. A light read with a little humor and intrigue, some nice sexual tension and a little heat. It was a spot predictable in some ways but, again, sometimes you just need that easy read.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Interview w/ Liv Rancourt--studs, butter & camping?

Hey guys! We've got Liv joining us to chat about King Stud today. Yall join on in and hit those comments below!

Morning Liv! Welcome to herding cats! I've got tea and cookies set up on the deck so come on back. Soooo. King Stud. That is one lickable cover! If you had to hook someone another way and only had 10 seconds what would you tell them?
The hardest part of any remodel is avoiding the studs.

Books! New Releases, Sales & Freebies!!

Ooo some good ones this week!
I'm totally panting after the JD Robb one! Ahhh
Takes Two to Tackle was fab! Review went up earlier this week so scroll a bit to check that out.
Heads up on the K. Bromberg release. It's the first 4 books in her series for 4.99.
That price is gonna go up soon so grab it while it's on sale. I've read the last half of the series and LOVED it.

Yall read any of these authors? Have a favorite?
Don't forget the sales/release post is always linked at the top of the blog page!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Guest Review-- Nighttime Wishes (Nighttime Wishes # 1) M.A. Church

Morning yall! A little something different today. Sharon from I Smell Sheep is hijacking the blog today and bringing you...a tentacled warrior review. Heh. This one is m/m paranormal romance. Check out her review and leave her some comment love! ~anna

I admit, I picked up this book because…TENTACLES! The fact that it is a gay romance was just icing on the tentacle cake. This was a fast, predictable, simple read. Basically fluff, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. If you are looking for deep character development or plot twists…this won’t be for you. But if you want some well written (from a technical aspect) silly and cute alien/human interaction with some pretty freaking hot tentacle sex scenes and a big old fashion happy ever after ending, then give this one a try. It looks like there will be a book two because Shawn’s sheriff friend has also captured (pun intended) the attention of a tentacle alien.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Guest Post w/ Sheri Fredricks--Monica Beggs & her Top 5 Locations

porn, monica beggs, locations, romance
Hey guys! Monica Beggs, the heroine from Sheri Fredricks' newest release is hijacking the blog today :) Check our her post and leave some comment love! ~anna

Top 5 Adult Film Locations w/ Monica Beggs

Hi – Monica Beggs here. Heard you were curious about my top five, all-time favorite locations where I’ve shot my adult film movies. I’ve been in some great places, and a few where I refused to walk past the door.

So here’s my list, each site starting with the movie name!

Monday, September 14, 2015

Quote-tastic/Review--What the hell?! It's green!-- Takes Two to Tackle by Jeanette Murray

Join us every Monday and share a favorite quote that's grabbed ya for one reason or another.

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No blog? No worries, just leave your favorites in the comment section. 

Sports romance!!! My only contact with sports. And just the way I prefer it :D And Jeanette Murray is one of my favorites when it comes to sports romances. I'd been dying to get my hands on Takes Two to Tackle and holy! Fun, sexy, perfection. This scene had me rolling. I was SO with Stephen on this...

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Club Shadowlands (Masters of the Shadowlands #1) by Cherise Sinclair

Vintage Reviews--Going back to where we started!

BDSM, erotic, romance, cherise sinclair, free erotic romanceA little different review today. Sophia from over at DelightedReader and I were chatting about never getting to re-read our old favorites so we're taking today to hit the archives and review some of our old favorites. I picked Club Shadowlands by Cherise Sinclair. She was one of my first erotic romance authors and my very very first BDSM read (and still one of my favorites). Anywho. Book one...

If you've been around you know I freaking love the Shadowlands. Mmmm. If there was ever something that could tempt me into actually moving back to Florida it would be Club Shadowlands and the luscious, swoonworthy Masters that work, play and love there. Seriously these men are all kinds of make your panties melt hot. Especially Master Z who runs the place and his brand new subbie, Jessica.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Randomly Random--Weird Readerly Worries

Okay. I'm gonna admit right off the bat. I'm a worrier by nature.
And I come by it real damn honestly. If my mama can't reach me a couple times a day...panic!

I was off grid once for like 5 hours. Cell was off, internet turned off, etc.
My mama freaked.
Called my neighbor (who wasn't home).
Called one of my best friends who lives about 40 minutes away and had her on her way to my house to make sure I was alive type panic.

And I'd only been off the grid for 5 hours.
People. I am 33 years old. *hangs head*

3.5 stars-- Switchback by Catherine Anderson

romance, suspense, catherine anderson, books, review
Sooooo.... I was 8 years old when Switchback made it's original debut. Talk about a throwback! lol

And it was a fun throwback as Mallory and her daughter are targeted by a desperate criminal willing to do anything to retrieve a package he's sure her father-in-law has in his possession. Their only hope...a man name Mac who owes her father-in-law dearly and will do whatever it takes to protect them. Suspense, romance, a happily ever after...Switchback had it all.

The Characters

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Guest Post w/ Tracy Solheim--What's In A Name?

What's In A Name?

As the saying goes “you don’t realize how many people you hate until you have to name a baby.” Or a character in a book. I’m not sure which situation is worse. I mean, it’s easier to change a baby’s name than that of a beloved protagonist or dastardly villain in a novel. No really, I have family who’ve actually changed their kid’s name once he became a toddler.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

3.5 stars--Wilde at Heart (Wilde Security #3) by Tonya Burrows

romantic suspense, tonya burrows, review, romance, book
The Wilde brothers are impossible to resist! Hot romance, sexy men and pulse pounding danger. I gobbled up Wilde at Heart and the luscious romantic whirlwind that was Reece and Shelby.

The quick of it is that Reece--who is all about order, precision and simplicity-- can't seem to get over his attraction to his soon to be sister-in-law Shelby--who is colorful, wild and chaos personified-- and when arson, blackmail and danger threaten both of them they do the only thing they can think of...join forces, get hitched and ride out the storm until they can figure out who is behind all of the attacks coming their way.

SIGN UP-- Blog Ahead 2015 (October 1-31st)

blogging, planning, blog ahead

Welcome to Blog Ahead 2015!

It's almost here! Woohoo! October 1st beings the month long BLOG AHEAD challenge of building up your scheduled blog posts and getting ahead in time for the holiday season. Join herding cats & burning soup and Caffeinated Book Reviewer for the Blog Ahead 2015 Challenge and cut the stress of blogging this Winter! 

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Book Deals! New Releases, Sales & Freebies! 9/8

Book Releases, Sales, Freebies, September 2015, Romance

So many pretties this week!
Yall read any of these authors? Have a favorite?
Picking any of them up?

**Note--I'm still adding pre-orders for the rest of the year but Sept is now included. Link to New Releases/Sales are posted in the top banner on the blog at all times if you ever want to browse :)

3 stars--Sleeping with the Enemy (Out of Bounds #4) by Tracy Solheim

contemporary, romance, review, tracy solheim, sports
Woo! Second chance romance. Enemies to lovers. That just makes the reader girl in me go all...quivery. Sleeping with the Enemy was full of passion, manipulations, long ago misunderstandings and some pretty hot lovin as old flames are brought back together by someone trying to cause trouble for Jay's football team.

The quick of it is that Jay and Bridgett had a thing many years ago when they were barely grown and it ended...disastrously and they went their separate ways, grew up, created new lives and hardened their hearts against love. But now Jay's football team is being sued and they need one helluva lawyer to get them out of the jam. Bridgett just so happens to be one killer lawyer and the sister of one of his players and back into each others lives they're thrown.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Quote-tastic/Review-- fornication cooties--Begging For It by Lilah Pace

Join us every Monday and share a favorite quote from the week!

Everyone's welcome. The more the merrier! Just grab the button and toss up your post :) No blog? No worries, just leave your favorites in the comment section. You can share on FB as well! Just make sure your post is set to Public. 

This week I'm going with a new favorite author of mine. Lilah Pace. She writes a stunning erotic and edgy series that deals with the kink of rape fantasy. A very touchy subject but she handles it in an incredibly way. The second book--Begging for It--came out recently and *noms* so good! These two quotes both gave me a chuckle...

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Randomly Random: What Do You Do Other Than *gasp* Reading?

reading, humor, books, extracurricular #JustCurious

What do you do when you aren't *gasp* reading?
And I'm talking fun things not having to do the whole adult bit.

I love reading, obviously, but other than that I love crafty kind of things.
Cross stitch and beading and photography. And my e-crafting with working on graphics.

I'm always playing with my nails and trying out new nail art designs. That's something fairly new in the last year. Kinda crafty too, maybe?

I hang at the USO as often as I can.

Friday, September 4, 2015

You...You...You Oughta Know... + giveaway

Hey guys! We're doing a new monthly feature here on the blog. Every once in a bit there will be a know post. It'll be random readery things I want you guys to see :D Hot covers or neat giveaways or whatnot. And I've got 3 for yall today. One sexy rocker cover reveal (and giveaway), a sexy spotlight on our friend Tory's new release and a new thing for email subscribers.

2.5 stars--Bonded (The Cavanaugh Brothers #4) by Laura Wright

**note--this series really needs to be read in order. it's an amazing series too.

I've really been loving The Cavanaugh Brothers series which is about three brothers who are trying to solve the decades old murder of their baby sister and end up finding romance and family along the way. It's sexy and mysterious and full of...cowboys. I've totally been panting over them and have been desperately awaiting Bonded and getting to see how things wrapped up for this trio of brothers, the long ago murder and the surprise addition of another sibling--Blue--who was discovered after the family patriarch passed away and his existence was revealed in the will.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Guest Post w/ Elisabeth Staab--How a Tortured Boxer Made My Knees Weak

Ten Times a Tortured Boxer Made My Knees Weak

Acts of Creation was one of the most emotional books I’ve written, but it’s also one of my most treasured. In the process of putting this story into words, I fell completely and madly in love with my hero, Dante, a boxer who’d been sexually abused by his former coach. This big, strong athlete who was all alpha and swagger on the outside, was numb inside and starving for love. When he finally found it, with a girl in town who could truly understand his troubles, the someone he grew into made my heart melt over and over.

Listed below are a few key moments when his words gave me the flutters:

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

3.5 stars--The Scandalous Mackenzies by Jennifer Ashley

I adore Ashley's shifters and last year dug into her historicals with the Mackenzies and! Fun, sexy, scandalous. Highlanders, kilts and mystery. Excellent series. The Scandalous Mackenzies is a print release of two of the previous e-book only novellas-- The Untamed Mackenzies and Scandal and the Duchess. And, as always, Ashley left me smitten.

The Untamed Mackenzie (#5.5)

It took me a little while to get into The Untamed Mackenzie. The quick of it is that Louisa has been accused of poisoning a man at a party and Lloyd (who she's rather smitten with) has come in to investigate the murder and try to find the real culprit. Which he's very much hoping is not the lovely Louisa.

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