Friday, July 31, 2020

My Garden 2020-- March

March 2020
March came in quick! One day all winter gloom and then the blooms started. Had a few surprise arrivals that I planted last year from seed and that didn't show until this year. Had completely forgotten about them! lol  

And then the tulips. I didnt get nearly as many in the ground in the fall as I'd hoped but the ones that were in were gorgeous as they started blooming. And my mailbox (my favorite bed) got it summer makeover! 

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

My Garden 2020-- January & February

Not much has happened this year. *shock* but I decided to start posting some of my gardening things. A slight catch up but wanted to include the full year not just start in August. we go. January and February. 

I'm in the South but we do get winter here and snow now and again so it's not the busiest of gardening seasons. But I can still manage some veggies and end up doing a lot of prep...most years. lol
January 2020
Janurary! Woo! Not too many things going in the ground but I did manage to pull a few veggies. Carrots from the fall. They were tasty. And the greens are edible too. I tend to add them to soup or make a pesto with them.

I also have a greenhouse this year so had a few of my summer/fall pots still active in there. Snagged a couple very late season green peppers, a couple radishes and greens. Did you know radishes if you let them bolt create radish pods in their greenery? Totally edible! (or you can let them create seeds to use). 

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