Thursday, May 28, 2020

Covid Shopping! And Hi! Been a While!

 Hey Guys! I hope you're all doing well. I know the blog went silent for a long while. Yikes! I'm still not reading and not really cooking which...makes it hard to do a book/food blog. LOL I'm going to try and add a few things in now and again though still. Anywho. I'm surviving here. Ergs! If you're in the FB group you know I've been gaming a lot, there's a boy, and some of the random other stuff that's been going on.  Figured I'd start back in with some shopping. I didn't do anything TOO crazy during the pandemic lockdown but did pick up a few items that were fun. And let me tell you on the house front. Couponing for the WIN! I haven't had to hardly buy anything since December other than produce and dairy. LOL Which made things a lot easier during this whole mess. Nice having a mini store basically in the house ready to go. Bwahaha. 

Anywho. Hi!

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