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Character chat w/ When Honey Got Married cast + giveaway

Four high school friends and a high society bride reunite to celebrate the wedding of the year with the sexy, successful men who steal their hearts and set their skin aflame... A wedding planner should never mix business and pleasure, but Grace couldn’t resist breaking rule number one for a hot night with her high school crush!

Eve hoped to make one last play for the groom-who-got-away…but instead the down-on-her-romantic-luck actress instead found herself in dark corners with his successful, seductive cousin.

The sister of the bride needed a date of convenience and who better than her hazel-eyed, mysterious co-worker? If only Nina could keep her hands off his perfect body until she learned his true identity…

The groom proposed to her eight years earlier, but it was the steamy kiss that Pippa shared with his brother the night she left town that haunted her memories.  Now she’s back and sharing much more than just kisses.

Nothing was going to ruin Honey’s wedding to the man of her dreams.  And she has just the wedding surprise for her beloved groom!

Pippa, Eve so nice to meet you! Come on in, help yourself to some sandwiches and cookies, they're Rolo stuffed peanut butter cookies. Thought I'd whip something special up for your visit.
PIPPA:  Well, that's me taken care of, what are you going to eat Miss Eve ;)?  
EVE: Do the ones with the watercress have any mustard?  I’ll try one of these, thank you very kindly. I do love a hot bite.
Of course! They're incredible. Help yourself. I think I'll grab one too. Oooo and heelllloooo gentlemen *whispers to the ladies- I get it. I totally get it now. I was all curious what it was about these Delacroix men. Whew*
PIPPA:  Ah the Delacroixes.   They are a dangerously enticing lot.  Once they truly get their hooks in you...there's no getting away.  Not that I'm complaining.  In fact I'm quite enamored of hooks.  I'm thinking they're the new black. 
EVE: *giggles; raises brows* Hooks? Just when you think you know someone!  *Glances, smiling, at Rainer.* I guess we all have our hidden talents.
So, how have yall all been doing since Honey and Brent's wedding? Up to anything exciting and fun?
PIPPA:  Travel for us.  Lots and lots of travel.  With me based in LA and Griff in Boston it's been a beautiful necessity till we decide where to end up.  Helps that I have my Firebird to take us there.  For a bit I wondered if she'd make it, but she's as much a part of my past as Griff, and therefore there's no way she won't be there all through our future.  Thankfully Griff can't drive a stick, so she's all mine ;).
Travel can definitely be fun! What about you and Rainer, Eve? 
EVE:  As you know, Rainer and I both live in New York. *Touches Rainer* We’ve been tasting all the pleasures of that wonderful city. Restaurants, jazz clubs, art galleries, the Met, MOMA.... I feel as I’m seeing it all for the first time.  *Smiles at Rainer.* I had no idea just how magical a place it could be! Lucky for me, Rainer adores the theatre. And after much persuading from this gorgeous guy, I’ve joined a little theatre group in the Village. Just for fun. Nothing serious. But they’ve been very kind. One of these days in about a hundred years from now I might even get to play Blanche duBois!
PIPPA: Oh Eve, that's too cool!  We'll be there, first in line to see it.
Aw that's awesome Eve! So, the wedding was quite the, um, adventure? It was the first time yall'd seen each other in a while. What was the first thing that popped into your heads when you spotted each other?
EVE: *Grins at Pippa* I know I was overjoyed to see that smiling face. I guess none of us were exactly sure which of our old friends might show. But the way things turned out… I did think Miss Pippa looked quite the LA babe in her black number. Poor Opaline Dixon nearly choked on her dentures.
PIPPA: If only she had! It might have sent some of those condemning stares someone else's way. (Sorry Opaline.) It was sure nice having Eve on the same reception table, even if it was the "leftovers" table. Misfits that we are they never quite knew where to put us, hey Miss Eve? And I can admit now that watching her and Rainer together I was more than a tiny bit envious. They were in such a bubble, like nothing and nobody else mattered. Griff and I weren't there. Yet ;). 
EVE: *dreamily* It was such a night.
It definitely sounds it! *whispers to Pippa* Is Griff as good a kisser as he looks?!
PIPPA:  A southern belle would never tell...  And since I'm not officially southern I say hell yeah!  And then some.  With sugar on top.
Damn you are one lucky broad! Alright ladies, really now, I gotta know. What was it about this Brent that had yall acting all gaga and ready to run amok at his and Honey's wedding? Did you really want to break them up?!
PIPPA:  Not me.  Not for a second.  I really truly wanted to see him and Honey happy.  OK, and to know, once and for all, if Griff was really as disinterested in me as he'd always been so at pains to make me believe.  Thankfully the former was true, and the latter was not :).  La di dah!  Eve?

EVE: *smiles at Rainer* Brent who?
LOL good save there. Yall've known each other a while now. Any deliciously scandalous or make you blush gossip you wanna spill about each other?
EVE: Well now. My darling Aunt Minna has always advised me never to spread other folks’ scandals. I guess I’ve always felt obliged to make do with making my own!
::snort:: That's probably a good call. LOL Now, before yall all head out I wanna know...are there any wedding bells ringing in the near future?
EVE: *Her hand clasped in Rainer’s. * Hope so. That would sure make a beautiful reason to visit Bellefleur!  
PIPPA:  One of the things I love most about Griff is that - like me - he's really not the fuss and fancy type.  Besides, who could even hope to outdo Honey?!  So if we do one day go that route I have the feeling it would be small, spur of the moment, simple and everyone else would find out after the fact.  So, ladies and gents, watch this space ;).
Aw. Well good luck ladies. It was so nice of yall to stop by for a spell. Hope yall have a great rest of the afternoon.

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