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Crazy Little Thing Called Love by Molly Cannon

Etta Green kissed Everson, Texas, goodbye years ago. A big city chef, she intends to return only long enough to settle her beloved grandmother's estate and then hightail it back to Chicago. But Grammy Hazel had other plans. In her will, she left Etta part-ownership of a B&B that's about to go bankrupt before it even opens. And what's worse--Etta's partner is Donny Joe Ledbetter, a handsome devil with some serious bad boy charm. Growing up, Donny Joe didn't give Etta a second glance. Now, she's got his whole attention.

A far cry from the shy bookworm he once knew, sexy, spirited Etta Green is nothing but trouble. Yet Donny Joe decides to play nice. After all, the quicker they open the B&B, the faster this exasperating--and irresistible--woman will be on her way. Donny Joe has never been a one-woman kind of man. But one crazy little moment of unforgettable desire may change his mind--if he can convince Etta to stay for good...

Type: Contemporary Romance
Heat: 2.5 out of 5
Rating: 4 out of 5

Sometimes you really have to wonder how in the world a hero and heroine are ever gonna make it to their happily ever after. Etta and Donny Joe. Whoboy do they put on a nice show getting to theirs in Crazy Little Thing Called Love. These two start things out...rather rough, okay, they pretty much go at it like cats and dogs. And it's so dag entertaining as they're forced to deal with each other to get her grandmother's dream, a Bed & Breakfast that affects both their futures, up and running.
With a loud huff, she plopped herself down next to Donny Joe and asked, "Would you like to dance?"

Donny Joe looked up from his beer. "Are you talking to me?"

"Do you see anyone else sitting here? I asked if you wanted to dance."

He straightened up and squinted at her with one eye closed like she was a strange species he'd never encountered before. "With you? You're asking me if I want to dance with you."

"Of course with me."


"...last time we talked you accused me of being a low down, good for nothing, snake in the grass who was trying to pull a fast one on your grandmother."

"Those weren't my exact words, and surely you can understand I needed time to assess the situation." She scrunched up her face and said half-heartedly. "But maybe I should apologize for that."

"By all means, knock yourself out. I won't stop you."

In a rush she said, "Okay, I'm sorry, but to be honest I only agreed to this do-over thing because she said we could go home if I asked you to dance. Belle's got the car keys, and if it was up to her she'd stay here and flirt all night long."

He shook his head like he was deeply disappointed. "I do believe that's the most convoluted, reluctant insincere excuse of an apology I've ever heard."

She should have known he wouldn't make things easy. "So, do you want to dance or not Belles watching us like a hawk."
They're just so feisty with each other and fun to watch. It's a slow going romance but the whole relationship seemed pretty genuine and real. They're characters you can see being together for the long haul. Not just a happy for not but really growing old together. And I loved all their interactions together. Seeing them wear each other down and go from spitting fire ready to throw down too friendship and romance. Even after they make nice they still have that teasing spark between them and get a kick out of riling each other up and putting that little bit of fire in the other's eyes. It really plays nicely with the sweeter moments as they start to fall for each other.

I really enjoyed most of the cast. Donny Joe and Etta are just good people even if they have a moment or two along the way. Her niece and elderly cousin were great additions too. I loved watching them with each other as they put together their new life and dealt with some pretty difficult situations that pop up with both family and the renovations on the Bed & Breakfast.

There were a couple minutes at the start of this one where I was thinking 'oh this is gonna be too cutsie for me'. What with the heroine saying things like good gravy and golly but I'm glad I kept reading because Cannon really had me falling for these two and their story. It's not the steamiest or the edgiest read but it's funny and sweet and will have me coming back for more.

Because he owns a pool company :)

Have you read Cannon? What did you think?
Do you like a feisty couple? Or do you like them to get along right from the start?

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