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Guest Post w/ Sheri Fredricks + giveaway!

Morning chickies! We've got Sheri Fredricks joining us today to tell us all about the world she's created with her Centaurs series! Plus she's got a giveaway going for yall. Check it out and leave her some love!  ~Anna
She Takes a Chance
Determined to forge a better life, Ella launches her new business with high hopes—until a sexy Centaur bumps into her and throws her life off course. Voted “Most Eligible Bachelor in Boronda”, Aleksander shakes up her world and tilts her in more ways than one.

He's in Dangerous Territory
Years of warfare and countless bedroom encounters have stolen Kempor Aleksander’s luster for life. He never expects to rediscover his zeal in the small, redheaded form of Ella the Troll, who fires his blood hotter than the deepest caverns in the forest.

A Passion so Hot.

But as trouble lingers in their midst—and edges ever closer—Alek and Ella spiral into troubled terrain. Turning to each other, the pair face down dangers that run impenetrably deep in their mythological world. But will the two lovers discover a passion that runs even deeper?  

Hello everyone! Welcome to my mythic world.

My name is Sheri Fredricks and I write modern mythic romance. You might wonder what that is, so I’ll tell a bit about myself and explain.

I’m born and raised on California’s central coast and grew up around horses and cattle. Yes, we have surfers and skateboarders too, and yes, I’ve been an extra in a movie.

Greek mythology has always interested me; the ancients had a god for everything. And mythology created some very unusual creatures…like the centaur.

When I began writing my Centaur series, I knew it had to be something different. Something untried, unheard of—a brand-new, fresh idea. So I thought…

Why not shape-shifting centaurs, who walk both as a human and in their true forms? How about trolls who have the ability to dissolve underground at will? And Wood Nymphs who shimmer themselves (and sometimes others) into trees!

And to crank it a notch further, why not have them live in our modern world—separate, yet there. Would we see them? Would we know if we met them?

Soon after these mad musings, Remedy Maker, Book 1 in the Centaur series, published and received glowing reviews. This book won the 2012 Paranormal Romance Guild Reviewer’s Choice Award. I have just recently I published Troll-y Yours, Book 2 in the series.

If you're looking for a book that will take you away to a mythic world that might exist…

If you love hot guys with insatiable appetites who have a dash of vulnerability…

If you're looking for a sensual read with the power to make you gasp…

These would be the books for you.
XOXO Sheri Fredricks

Man by day, Centaur by night, Rhycious is a remedy maker who needs his own healing. 

He's the royal physician, famous for his cures. War and posttraumatic stress disorder has broken his spirit, preventing him from finding true happiness. Then a direct order from the queen to investigate an uprising forces him out of his secluded cabin at the edge of the forest.

Patience is an optimistic, good-natured Wood Nymph who works as a mediator to ensure harmony within the Nymph sector. 

Environmental pollution in the aquifer stream that feeds the taproot tree of her heart is slowly killing her. Resigned to the fact she will not live long, she sets out to discover the mysterious disappearance of her sister. Experience has taught her to deny herself the love of a male, but the gruff Centaur is different. He doesn't push his expectations on her, only his healing nature.

When Rhycious loses his grip on reality, he believes his inability to control his disorder will drive Patience away. Nevertheless, desire flares, and Patience draws him close. Kidnapping and betrayal turn their mythic joint venture into a deadly bout.

Will their love endure when survival hinges on trusting each other?

Always on the hunt for the uncommon things in life, author Sheri Fredricks thrives on creating adventures in her mythological kingdom for her readers.

A former engineering secretary, Sheri lives on the beautiful central coast of California. "I wanted to move away from inflexible right angles and create an unboxed world with no boundaries." A voracious reader since her early years, Sheri found her brain crowded with stories and characters of her own. "Ultimately," she says, "my husband encouraged me to write them all down."

Sheri loves to spend time at home. A computer hutch keeps her focused on creating stories, but the panoramic view of life on a ranch will call her outside to play in the sun.

Woot! Sheri is giving away a $5 gift card today to one lucky follower!
Just leave a comment below to let me know if you’ve read any modern mythic romance!
Does it sound like something you'd be interested it?  

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