Monday, June 24, 2013

Quote-tastic (8)-- what, er, who is in the meatloaf?

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I loved this book. Laughed out loud. Sobbed at parts. It was just amazing from start to finish and one of my favorite reads last year. It's part of a series but very easy as a stand alone and one I couldn't recommend more. My review is up here if you want to check it out.  ~Anna

“This cook, Preacher? He's unbelievable. I had some of his venison chili when I first got to town and it almost made me pass out, it was so good."

Hi slips curved in a smile. "You ate venison, Marcie?"

"I didn't have a relationship with the deer," she explained.

"You don't have a relationship with my deer either," he pointed out.

"Yeah, but I have a relationship with you--you've seen me in my underwear. And you have a relationship with the deer. If you fed him to me, it would be like you shot and fed me your friend. Or something."

Ian just drained his beer and smiled at her enough to show his teeth. "I wouldn't shoot that particular buck," he admitted. "But if I had a freezer, I'd shoot his brother."

"There's something off about that," she said, just as Jack placed her wine in front of her. "Wouldn't it be more logical if hunters didn't get involved with their prey? Or their families? Oh, never mind--I can't think about this before eating my meat loaf. Who knows who's in it?"

--Ian and Marcie   ― A Virgin River Christmas

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