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A Little Bit Scandalous (Forbidden Love #3) by Robyn DeHart

Mathematics prodigy, Caroline Jellico, plans to support herself by winning big in the gaming hells of London—while dressed as a boy. She’s tired of waiting for the elusive Roe to notice her. She’ll marry him or no man.

Monroe Grisham, Duke of Chanceworth, needs to marry off his beautiful young ward and ensure she attaches herself to the right man, not an irresponsible cad like him. But all grown up now, Caroline’s presence is an utter distraction. One he can neither act on nor deny.

But when Roe and Caroline meet across the gaming table, all bets are off. Seduction is in the cards and the winner will take all…or lose everything.

Type: Historical Romance
Heat: 2.5 out of 5
Rating: 3.5 out of 5

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Damn this cover is amazing. I've really been enjoying the Forbidden Love series and was so excited about starting A Little Bit Scandalous. And once again DeHart brought together a unique romance with characters I just adored that kept me very entertained.

The set up was a little different and so fun to watch as Caroline and her legal guardian Roe--who she's completely in love with but that avoids her as best he can--dance around each other and end up working to solve some weird happenings at a charity they're involved with.

Caroline was one of my favorite heroines in recent months. I freaking *loved* her. She says what she thinks, goes after what she wants--even if that means impersonating a man so she can play cards in a gaming hell-- and just isn't a proper young Miss. She's got a heart of gold and was just a great heroine. She's had a hard life--losing her family and always feeling like a burden to those responsible for her--but she really doesn't let it keep her down.

Roe--damn I think that is a sexy name for some reason. Who boy, he really is one sexy hero but the man made me mutter *dumb, dumb, stupid man* more than once. LOL Poor guy just had some moments with the women in his life. Between his auntie, his mother who was just hilarious in her slightly scandalous ways and his ward Caroline who tempted him something fierce the guy just didn't have a chance. He was just so torn about his attraction to Caroline and feeling unworthy of her that the man lost all smoothness and really bumbled something fierce. I kept finding myself shaking my head with an 'oh Roe' lol

I did enjoy the two together and even though it wasn't the steamiest of reads there were some rather nice moments...
He pulled her to him again and kissed her fiercely. She separated his shirt the rest of the way, then ran her hands across the warm, hardness of his chest.

"You are so very handsome," she said. "Beautiful, really."

"Men are not beautiful," he said all the while tracing kisses down her throat.

"That's not true. You are. And obviously Adonis was and probably Achilles and Eros--"

"Caroline, stop talking." He kissed her to occupy her mouth and she forgot she even knew how to speak.
There was a great secondary storyline of the orphanage they're involved with and some fishy things happening with the man who runs the home. There were some really nice surprises as they investigate the discrepancies and it added a fun suspenseful element to the story.

DeHart creates such fun heartfelt stories and is quickly becoming one of my favorite historical authors. While  A Little Bit Scandalous didn't feel quite as fleshed out and finished as the previous installments and had a couple spots that just didn't feel period appropriate I still had a great time watching Roe fight his attraction and stumble over himself, seeing Caroline grow into a strong woman, and seeing how the investigation they took on would unfolded. I enjoyed so many elements of this one and am really looking forward to seeing what Dehart comes up with next.

Have you read DeHart? Have a favorite?
Do you have a favorite historical?

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