Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Cat Thursday-- Welcome to Mo!

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We have a new herd baby--Mo!

Mo and his brother Abraham were part of the rescue I run and this summer moved into my house (from the adoption center) because Abraham was diagnoses with leukemia and needed intense care. We had some very hard weeks here and I lost Abraham earlier this month. I'd decided I was going to adopt the boys and was pretty devastated by losing Abraham. He was such a sweet boy and so good for everything. After losing him I was even more determined to have Mo as part of the herd and he officially became one of the herd babies.

And he's been...a handful. lol But he really helped me get through the loss because he's just so full of life and into everything you can't help but smile and love him.  

My little man :)

Snuggled up in bed. I just love his fang. 

Mo killed the laptop. 
And took three of my keys. Including the shift key. Oy. 70 bucks to get it fixed.

He also doesn't stay still worth anything. lol

He promptly fell off the bed...

Mo's big on reading. He's been having a good time helping his mom. 
Jeremy is the goof on the right. He's one of my 9 year olds though you'd never be able to tell.

Snuggled with mom's new book :)

And trying to nibble them... Mo's into pretty much...everything. 
If it's happening in the house he's *going* to be part of it. He's actually snuggled right next to me now.

He's really a great boy. Gets into everything, has no fears and invades all the girls' space but he's settled pretty nicely and they're...tolerating having another goofy male in the house fairly well. 

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