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The Naughty Angel and her Three Very Wise Men (Naughty Angel #1) by Trinity Blacio

It was written long ago, in a world far away from Earth. To the three wise men, dragon shifters, would be born their mate, an Angel, and together these four would bring peace among the many different species that inhabit the worlds far and great. Their children would be the hope for mankind.

But as with with every destiny, someone will try to prevent it. Can this Christmas Angel keep her mates' hearts and souls close to her to save them all?

Annabelle Worldly is separated from her estranged husband, who is now living his fantasy of being with two women. Although she fantasizes about two men, when she meets her best friend in the town's popular café her dream starts to become reality. Annabelle thinks maybe her Christmas won't be so bleak after all when her handsome boss Marcus Vecchio and his brother Lance walk in to the bar.

Marcus and Lance have been searching for four hundred years for their mate, but to find her in the local pub - and to have her turn out to be an employee - is an unexpected Christmas present. Their father must have had something to do with it; after all, he is St. Nick.

With the tension between Demons and Vampires rising a week before Christmas, can Annabelle help save Christmas? Will she accept Alocer, part Demon, part Vampire, as her other mate? And can she accept the fact she is the mate to the three dragon shifters of the Christmas Legend?

Type: Paranormal Erotica, Menage/multiple partners, Drgaons/Vampires/Demons
Heat: 3 out of 5
Rating: 2 out of 5

Well, it was...interesting. I so couldn't resist this one after the title. And, oh, what potential with dragons (yum!), vampires, demons, a Christmas theme. A scorching hot cover and all the makings of a steamy menage. A kinda pervy Santa thrown in along the way and a bit of suspense with the demon/vamp battles. Sounds damn near perfect for a spicy Christmas read, right?!

So the storyline. Twin brothers Marcus and Lance are Santa's kids and have been looking for their mate for centuries. They're supposed to be dragons but really they're vamps that wear their "dragon" half on their skin. Anyways, Legend has it that together with a 3rd man these four will bring peace to the different species. When they find Annabelle they know instantly she's theirs and soon discover she's in danger from the demons who are attacking. Bring on the super protective Alpha males!

Now, color me really damn surprised but this ended up being a BDSM book. I usually really like them but this one didn't really work for me. Annabelle is thrown into a very strict Master/slave lifestyle without any choice or discussion and the brothers, while controlling and dominant weren't great Masters. They'd put her into situations without explaining anything, clueless about the lifestyle she'd mess up and they'd punish her and then a little later would apologize since it was their fault she didn't know better. And this kept happening. Gah! The brothers frustrated the hell out of me. The third mate, Alocer, though was one of those characters that's had a hard life and you just want to comfort. I actually liked him and how he interacted with Annabelle and wish we'd gotten more of the two of them. Heat wise it was kinda a mixed thing. There were a couple things not everyone will be comfortable with (gah! first time I've read about fisting) but compared to a lot of menages not all that hot and heavy.  It was much heavier on the control/spanking/punishment aspect of the relationship. 

If you're looking for a quick Christmas story that's a pretty unique and has a more controlling BDSM bent this one might work for you. I'll definitely give it points for a creative take on Santa and his family since Santa and Mrs Claus are into the whole D/s thing too. I actually really liked that they weren't at all conventional and how you'd expect. In the end, though, while The Naughty Angel and Her Three Very Wise Men had a great premise and potential it just wasn't quite my style. The title alone will keep it on my shelf though ;)

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Do you find it frustrating when the book blurb doesn't really match the storyline? 
Or do you like big surprises along the way? 


  1. Hmm, interesting. I'm even more curious now that I know it's a BDSM book, but cautious because I'm not so into Doms who suck at being Doms. It's a big pet peeve for me. Thanks for the review!

    1. Oh, yeah, it's so one of my pet peeves too. I think I got spoiled with Cherise Sinclair's men (they were my first and oh so good). Pretty hard to live up to them.

      The BDSM/Santa/Christmas bit definitely had me interested. It was such a great concept and so unique but I just couldn't get past the less than stellar Doms.


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