Saturday, October 5, 2019

2 stars-- Daughter of the Spellcaster (The Portal #2) by Maggie Shayne

Daughter of the Spellcaster turned out to be quite the letdown. A flaky heroine, a bunch of cheesy paranormal witchery, oblivious characters. It just missed the mark completely for me.
The Gist: Ancient souls come back around to right a wrong done to them. And a witch and  playboy being the bodies they inhabit this go around. They just have to figure it all out before evil swoops in again and destroys them all.
Lena and Ryan. Lena and Ryan. Okay so starting with Ryan. I liked the guy. He's a good man trying his best to be there for his future baby. It's not a perfect circumstance and he doesn't really understand magic but he is trying his best to be what his baby mama needs. Including researching witchcraft when she doesn't answer his questions.

Lena on the other hand I wasn't too fond of. She took off when she found out she was pregnant without telling him, keeps acting like he's the bad guy, jumps to outlandish conclusions that paint him terribly but then overlooks actual bad guys and their motives. She was just ridiculous.

I didn't really feel their romance. It was basically him trying to make up for something he didn't do and her waffling between wanting to trust him and thinking he was trying to kill her or steal "her" baby and how he needed to earn a place in the baby's life. Ugh. A lack of chemistry or spark just topped it off.

The "mystery" of her childhood visions (aka past lives) coming into reality and not knowing who to trust was just okay, I guess. Centuries ago in a past life she and her then sisters were killed and now those souls are in present day finding their lost loves and trying to right the things done to them in the past. There were a lot of cheesy sayings and such added in. Ex--the rod is to the god, as the chalice is to the goddess. *eye roll* Things were rather predictable if you were paying attention (which the heroine was not)

Oveall, Daughter of the Spellcaster was not for me.

Audio Review: I DID enjoy the audio aspect of things, though. It was my first time listening to Megan Hayes and I thought she did a good job. Easy narration and pleasant voice. Did a nice job with different characters. I'd listen to another of hers for sure.

Lena Dunkirk is a practicing witch, Ryan McNally a wealthy playboy. Logic says mismatch, yet from the first they share a passion that defies reason, as if they know each other from another place, another time. Then Lena gets pregnant and runs for the safety of home.

Months later, when Ryan appears at her door looking to help raise their child, Lena doesn’t know whom to trust–particularly now that “guru to the stars” Bahru has taken an interest in her baby, offering gifts forged of magic.

Soon she and Ryan are sharing eerie dreams of ancient lands, while a vengeful demon plots to take possession of their child. As the moment of birth approaches, the demon’s power rises, forcing the hand of love to wield the blade that will decide the fate of a child’s soul–and the future of the world.

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