Thursday, May 28, 2020

Covid Shopping! And Hi! Been a While!

 Hey Guys! I hope you're all doing well. I know the blog went silent for a long while. Yikes! I'm still not reading and not really cooking which...makes it hard to do a book/food blog. LOL I'm going to try and add a few things in now and again though still. Anywho. I'm surviving here. Ergs! If you're in the FB group you know I've been gaming a lot, there's a boy, and some of the random other stuff that's been going on.  Figured I'd start back in with some shopping. I didn't do anything TOO crazy during the pandemic lockdown but did pick up a few items that were fun. And let me tell you on the house front. Couponing for the WIN! I haven't had to hardly buy anything since December other than produce and dairy. LOL Which made things a lot easier during this whole mess. Nice having a mini store basically in the house ready to go. Bwahaha. 

Anywho. Hi!

I was looking for a pretty and light weight coverup for this summer when I wear tank tops. Thought this was kinda pretty. It's nice. It definitely doesn't fall on me like her because as FB ads so charmingly like to point out...I have some fluff. LOL But it works 

I needed a bit of soft rope and found these. I picked the dark red and it's nice. Soft and rich color.

Now this I love. I'd been looking for a pretty bit of art for the garden. It looks bigger than it is. tip to tip is about 8 inches I believe. But it's lovely and nice quality. It has a charming glow at night and is still a cute garden feature during the day when it's not lit. It stays glowing for hours, too, which is nice. And not a bad price. Just under $30 and they have multiple designs. One of my favorite buys.

Well maybe it'll be nice. Maybe not. Who the heck knows because over a month later I'm still waiting for these little polish bottles. *flails* One of my current colors that's still nearly full the brush broke. So I went looking for another option.

I did make one big purchase. I bike!! I haven't ridden a bike in probably 19-20 years but the urge hit and I wanted something cute and behold! The darling blue bike. It's nice. It was a bitch to put together and we went multiple rounds which I mostly lost and then had to take a break and message mountain man that I was having a flail and omg why did I think this was a good idea?!! LOL I haven't gone out on it yet but this coming week I will. The price jumped majorly on Amazon. Not sure why. But I definitely didn't pay that much. Just didn't want yall to think I'd lost my mind and spent a mortgage payment on a bike. Cute or not. LOL

I walk at our different lakes a lot and usually take a little bag with me. Just a shoulder tote but that can be annoying. So I went looking for a walking over the chest bag. Found this cute one. I like the hot pink pop of color. It's nice quality and holds a decent amount. The bottle pouch holds a regular water bottle and can be removed. The inside is big enough between the pouches for keys, wallet, phone, snacks. It's light weight and just the right size for a little outing. 

I like lists and notepads and such. I do bujo yeah but I wanted something for messy daily quick jots too. This is a really nice to do notepad. It's more expensive than I'd be willing to do again since you'd need one new pad every month and a half or so if you use it daily. But it's nice and gave me ideas for future bujo pages so not too bad.

I needed a plushie pillow and I finally made it happen! Maybe! A month in and it still says July for delivery. Arg! But anywho. He will be mine eventually.

Not sure how this will be but one of the girls did some stained glass at their new house and shared it. It looked cool and I thought oh solution maybe to downstairs window issues. So two designs have been ordered and we will see how they do on the door window panes that I would like covered.

Aaaaaaaand one of my first purchases once lockdown was ended here. I couldn't resist. Okay. I tried to resist and did at first but then mountain man kind of gave a push to buy it and the girls in the FB group agreed. So he came home with me. Woo! It'll be a catch all bowl in my bathroom I think. Yay HomeGoods and their random awesome things!

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